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Basha Basha
Belgian Malinois
Smart, determined, extremely protective, that's 5 months old Basha!
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Jadi Jadi
Belgian Malinois
She is so smart, playful, loving and yet protective.
Wes J
California California

Roxy Roxy
Belgian Malinois
Roxy is a healthy 10 month old malinois with lots of energy. She is a true working dog and a great family dog. i am very blessed to have her. SURVIVOR OF PARVO VIRUS :-)
Breanna M.

Sarge Sarge
Belgian Malinois
Though only five months old Sarge is a fast learner he will be trained for search and rescue operations
Bong So
Pampanga,Phils. Pampanga,Phils.

Xito Xito
Belgian Malinois
Xito, in training for IPO.
Malinois K9
Netherlands Netherlands

Charlie (F) Charlie (F)
Belgian Malinois
Charlie (F)
Charlie is my adopted dog here in Cotabato City. She is playfull, friendly and attentive. He trained as bomb sniffing dog. One day my military friend offer me to adopt his dog because he have no time for his dog due to his studies in Manila. He trained charlie to protect the the community. One of her accoplishment is to identify the Improvise Explosive Divice at the church here in Cotabato City.
Neil Henry Ii Nival
Philippines Philippines

John John
Belgian Malinois
John was trained as a bomb sniffing dog. I trained him to protect myself, my family and friends and the rest of people against the threat of terrorism especially in mindanao where we lived. John, is a loving and faithful friend. He always knew when to work and when to play. He knows that when we are new to the place, he has to clear the area first before we play. He always wanted to be with me. I feel safe when I'm with John.
Jose Jr. Chin
Philippines Philippines

Mimi Mimi
Belgian Malinois
Mimi is a very playful and friendly dog. She is extremely loyal and protects her loved ones in any way she can.
Gopika Patwa
North Carolina, U.S.A North Carolina, U.S.A

Gidget Gidget
Belgian Malinois
She has been with us since 6 weeks old and is now 13 years old. A very faithful, loyal dog and has been a good friend to me, she loves to take walks but now has arthritis and just naps a lot. I have been trying a lot of supplements to help her, but so far nothing really helps. I just enjoy having her here while she can be with us.
Debie Smith

Dakota Dakota
Belgian Malinois
Dakota is a 1yo. Belgian Malinois who loves to run and play.
Carole D.
Maryland Maryland

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