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Toma Toma
Miniature Schnauzer
We absolutely adore her. She is now 8 years old and sleeps on my bed. Very much a one person dog. Although loves everyone. This is our 2nd. mini Schnauzer, the first one had diabetes and twice daily injections for the last four years of his life. Euthanased at 13 years. Jack had a very happy life, and was very sedate. Toma gave us a shock when we first adopted her at 8 weeks as she was very hyper, she has settled down now, a very alpha dog, and likes to boss us around, however, she is very obedient as well. I cant say how much joy she brings into our life with her antics, and a lover of routine. She enjoys going to the beach and walks, and runs likes a rabbit when first let of the lead in a safe environment. She has been trained at her local dog club, and will come immediately to a raised arm or call. She loves her bones, and we buy Lamb Shanks for her, cut the meat off to cook for her tea later with dog biscuits, and she enjoys the bone, she has lovely white teeth. The only negative is bladder stones at a young age and she had to have surgery. I think it pays to go to a registered breeder for that very reason. However, I did not go to a registered breeder for our first mini schauz. only to have him develop diabetes. We must have been unlucky. I could not do without her and she is very much loved. This is my favourite photo of her at two years old.
Shelly G
Adelaide, Australia Adelaide, Australia

Trey Tractor Patterson Trey Tractor Patterson
Miniature Schnauzer
Trey Tractor Patterson
Trey is a wonderful 3yr old full blood mini schnauzer
K Patterson
North East Texas, USA North East Texas, USA

Walter Walter
Miniature Schnauzer
This is me and Walter my 2 1/2 year old bundle of fun. He is the life of the party and everyone loves him. He loves car rides, squeaky toys, and potato chips. He's a snuggle bug and loves dressing up... what??? This IS his happy face!
Michelle B
United States United States

Kayanna Kayanna
Miniature Schnauzer
We adopted our spunky girl Kayanna (name means; keeper of the keys). She protects our home, sometimes a little too much. She is 1 1/2, and we couldn't imagine our life without her.
Juan and Nikki Avila
Bakersfield, CA Bakersfield, CA

Paddy Paddy
Miniature Schnauzer
Denise Derr
San Diego San Diego

Schatzie Schatzie
Miniature Schnauzer
Not Forgotten
This is a photo of my very much beloved little Miniature Schnauzer "Schatzie" :).. Schatzie is now up in doggie heaven and she was such a really beautiful, spirted, always loving and very intelligent little girl! :).. She could so many, many things! :)... She loved to howl and was quite a singer :) and she was really good at all kinds of tricks! :)... She was so lovable and her very favorite place to be was a nice, warm lap where she could be petted and pampered :)... I loved her so much and she was a wonderful girl! :)
Suzanne B
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Sabrina Sabrina
Miniature Schnauzer
sabrina is 8 months old and quite a handful. she is overly hyper and bites very aggessively. i am plannng to bring in a professional dog trainer to my home. the positive side of sabrina is that she is extremely intelligent and loves to be around people. sabrina loves car rides and playing with her toys. she can be very loving (on her terms) lol! she has a great personality, very funny, even when she is doing something negative. i love this breed very much. this is the third mini schnauzer i have had.
Kristi Watins

Abbie Abbie
Miniature Schnauzer
Abbie is our sweet, cute and adorable schnauzer that we got in 2007. She is the greatest dog!
Bríd Níc Giolla Chatáin
Ulster Ulster

Alfie Alfie
Miniature Schnauzer
Alfie is 20 weeks old and totally adorable!
Jo W

Sam Sam
Miniature Schnauzer
Not Forgotten
The old man has gone. We miss himm so much with his long white beard and his grey mustache. He loved his walks along the shore, loved eating, drinking and much more. Our lovely Schnauzer has run his race now a Lakeland terrier has taken his place.
Mark And Gill Ward
NSW Australia NSW Australia

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