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Mischa Mischa
Scottish Terrier
Mila - 10 weeks old
Louise Van Rooyen
Paarl, Western Province Paarl, Western Province

Jerry Jerry
Scottish Terrier
Jerry just got his first haircut and is very, very happy. He loves to bounce and jump and give kisses. He loves his tummy and back rubbed (we call it a puppy massage).
Jeff, Steve and Graham Johnson
America America

Coconut Coconut
Scottish Terrier
Loves to play ball.
Suzanne S
Wilton, CT, USA Wilton, CT, USA

Daisy Daisy
Scottish Terrier
Not Forgotten
wonderful Scotty.
Suzanne S
Dallas, Texas USA Dallas, Texas USA

Macfergus Macfergus
Scottish Terrier
My dog Macfergus is 18 months old and is a true Scottie (Aberdeen Terrier) from Aberdeen. He is a real little character and really lives up to his Scottish Terrier traits including chewing every pair of slippers I own and digging up the garden. Sometimes I feel as if I live with a mole not a dog because of the mess of the garden.
Jolene Patmanathan
Scotland, UK Scotland, UK

Napoleon Beto Scott Napoleon Beto Scott
Scottish Terrier
Napoleon Beto Scott
He is crazy!! He is fun and enjoys life. He is 7 1/2 months old. He loves the camera too as you can see.
Beth And Stan Scott
Oklahoma, USA Oklahoma, USA

George George
Scottish Terrier
Georgie is my youngest dog out of three. Although he is four, to me he is still a puppy. He loves to snuggle and chase balls.
Massachussets, Usa Massachussets, Usa

Ace of Spades Ace of Spades
Scottish Terrier
Ace of Spades
This is my Ace he is so playful, and upbeat all the time. He loves to play with his mini dachshund brothers Bradlee and Dylan. He loves to chew on everything that he isn't supposed to and never likes the dog toys we buy him! But what can I say he's my ACE of SPADES!!
Chris & Jessica Smith

Missy Missy
Scottish Terrier
This is Missy, she's our little angel, she loves getting cuddles and being treated like our little baby!
Donna Whiting
Blackpool U.K. Blackpool U.K.

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