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Neo Neo
Rhodesian Ridgeback
His name is Neo, we have had him from 10 weeks old. He will be 3 years old in June 2012. Beautiful temperament, runs with me most days up to 6-7 km, great with the kids, loyal and confident. What I like is he won't bark back at other dogs who bark at him, he looks and walks on by. 64 kg and in perfect health. Great dog.
Phil E
Queensland Australia Queensland Australia

Toma Toma
Miniature Schnauzer
We absolutely adore her. She is now 8 years old and sleeps on my bed. Very much a one person dog. Although loves everyone. This is our 2nd. mini Schnauzer, the first one had diabetes and twice daily injections for the last four years of his life. Euthanased at 13 years. Jack had a very happy life, and was very sedate. Toma gave us a shock when we first adopted her at 8 weeks as she was very hyper, she has settled down now, a very alpha dog, and likes to boss us around, however, she is very obedient as well. I cant say how much joy she brings into our life with her antics, and a lover of routine. She enjoys going to the beach and walks, and runs likes a rabbit when first let of the lead in a safe environment. She has been trained at her local dog club, and will come immediately to a raised arm or call. She loves her bones, and we buy Lamb Shanks for her, cut the meat off to cook for her tea later with dog biscuits, and she enjoys the bone, she has lovely white teeth. The only negative is bladder stones at a young age and she had to have surgery. I think it pays to go to a registered breeder for that very reason. However, I did not go to a registered breeder for our first mini schauz. only to have him develop diabetes. We must have been unlucky. I could not do without her and she is very much loved. This is my favourite photo of her at two years old.
Shelly G
Adelaide, Australia Adelaide, Australia

Thor Thor
Mixed Breed
I saved this pup from been put to sleep. I know he is part Staffy but can someone help me im not sure what the other part is.
John Clark
Merredin, West Australia, Australia Merredin, West Australia, Australia

Maisie Maisie
maisie loves children food birds food walks playing water rides in the car food. chicken necks coprice lamb shanks. lovable bossy turns somersaults. now 9 mths
Rosalie B
new south wales new south wales

Alf Alf
German Shepherd Dog
Alf is a big, happy dufus. He loves his family, watching TV, and going for walks. His Nan buys him a Shank bone every week, and he waits for her when she goes shopping. Alf is very protective of his children, rounding them up in the yard, and not allowing strangers near them. His interests are: sleeping, sleeping, staring lovingly at his Mum, sleeping and rides in the car to pick his children up from school. He is the best dog EVER!
Kate Cooper
Southern Highlands Southern Highlands

Cloey Cloey
Australian Cattle Dog
This is Cloey she is 3 years old and is turning 4 in October. Shes very playful with people she knows but is a very protective. She loves swimming in the lake and sometimes the ocean. Shes a beautiful dog and very pretty, she also loves sleeping in front of the heater!
Shannon Davies
Australia Australia

Tara Tara
Len Will

Charlie Charlie
Mixed Breed
Charlie, 8yrs old Cavalier/ Maltese. Luvs Walkies, Smackcos and Swimming.
Perth WA Perth WA

Bella Bella
Mixed Breed
bella is a dog that ive had 4 2 years and she is very cuddly but not one to train
Courtney Reeves
ballarat,vic ballarat,vic

Tina Tina
Mixed Breed
Tina is such a delightful little X bred Chinese Crested 8 months old. she has only been in my life for 2 weeks and already has full control of the house hold.
Barry Vivian
QLD Australia QLD Australia

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