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Beanz. Beanz.
Mixed Breed
Beanz wandered into a busy warehouse when he was aged between 8 - 12 weeks old. We believe he had been dumped. We took him in and he was supposed to go to a Rescue Centre to be rehomed, but they had no space for him for two days. He settled into our hearts as well as our home... and the rest is history! Both he and our other dog Larry are best of brothers now!
County Laois County Laois

Zoe Zoe
West Highland White Terrier
Zoe is almost 4. She loves our dog Zak. Zoe loves to play in water and she's very friendly with our cats and strange dogs. For some reason, she loves to eat oranges and she loves cuddles and rubs and she hates it when u touch her tail. She also loves to play in the snow and sit on the couch and watch tv. She's really friendly with my baby brother Samual and my 2 yr old sister Amy.
Lilli Bern
Dublin Dublin

Betty Betty
Bull Terrier
Not Forgotten
Betty was my 16th birthday present when she was 1 year old. she passed away after getting hit by a car on our road when she was 7 years old. i miss her so much and i wish like anything i hadnt left the gate open. I hope all of you will join me in greiving for her.
Harriet Edwards
Culcavy Culcavy

Abbie Abbie
Miniature Schnauzer
Abbie is our sweet, cute and adorable schnauzer that we got in 2007. She is the greatest dog!
Bríd Níc Giolla Chatáin
Ulster Ulster

Max Max
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
max is a year and a half i am 11 i own max. max is a caviler king charles. max is a black 'n' tan king charles. he is really small
Kim Murphy
Ireland Ireland

Max Max
Shih Tzu
He came into my life when I was questioning a lot about myself. He sorted me out by loving me unconditionally. He's clever, hilarious, boisterous, cute, predictable, and absolutely gorgeous, lol. I just love my lil Max so much. Awwww isn't he lovely....
Laura Ob
Carlow Carlow

Rocky Rocky
rocky is nearly two years old and is a beautiful dog with beautiful markings. he is very affectionate and entertaining. loves bed but doesnt want one in his kennel, loves hanging his head out the car window but not air blown in his face. he is a very comical and special dog. does everything different, thats why i love him!
C Irwin
northern ireland northern ireland

Tyson Tyson
Mixed Breed
collie cross greyhound, fast energetic and friendly
Darragh Mcshane
ireland ireland

Sophie Sophie
Basset Hound
Sophie is a special dog. She was gotten as a companian to our basset/lab diesel, as he could not go out. Sophie is 8 months old! Her fave thing is eating anything in her way in the house, howling and her most fave is sleeping and playing with her brother Diesel! We love her sooo much! She's our lil princess as we call her!
Suzy Johnston
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Diesel Diesel
Mixed Breed
Diesel has been through a hard time with the vet! He has had soooooooo many opporations because he will eat almost anything that is in his path.The last time he swallowed a lid of a milkshake bottle.We also found out he was triggered with aurthoritis at the age of 6 mnths. He thinkz he owns the house to.We love him soooo much! Diesel is a basset/lab
Suzy Johnston
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

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