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Tucker Tucker
Labrador Retriever
Loves to smile on camera....
Mhe Ann Amada
Binangonan Rizal Binangonan Rizal

Budoy Budoy
Labrador Retriever
Sweet and playful dog.....
Mhe Ann Amada
Binangonan Rizal Binangonan Rizal

Odie Odie
Shih Tzu
odie with his favorite pillow
Philippines Philippines

Luke Luke
Shih Tzu
luke loves to eat.
Philippines Philippines

Trixie Trixie
Labrador Retriever
Very cute and lovable:)
Kakay Palomer
Angeles City - Pampanga, Philippines Angeles City - Pampanga, Philippines

Jellybean Jellybean
Jack Russell Terrier
Our jellybean is very observant, very energetic and very sweet. She is our baby, we were the ones who bottle fed her since she was a pup. She is our bundle of joy and we love her very much.
Ma. Del Pilar Rosario Casa
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Maxi Gurl Maxi Gurl
Maxi Gurl
My 2 year old boxer is so sweet and gentle, although she looks so scary to others.
Malu963 Ancheta
Marilao Bulacan Marilao Bulacan

Samantha Samantha
Miniature Pinscher
samantha is a very sweet dog and very alert
Jhonny Zobel
binan city,laguna,philippines binan city,laguna,philippines

Jude Jude
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Jude is now about 9 years old and is my most favorite among the 7 dogs we have at present. Before there were a dozen. A great buddy and most faithful, loves sweets and would you believe he's used to eating fruit. He sleeps only on my pillow and won't eat on his very own plate if it looks or smells filthy. He's very possessive and hates male visitors. Only me and my mom could cuddle him and every morning as soon as I'm awake, he waits for the kiss i give him on his forehead. I do miss him a lot now that I'm away from home.
Samm Ms
Koronadal Koronadal

Kookiss Kookiss
Shih Tzu
Kookiss is a wonderful baby. She's always excited to see me. She loves to sit beside me and watch movies. She loves everyone, especially my mom who spoils her.
Pie Samonte
Paranaque City Paranaque City

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