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Delko (Mr Pickle) Delko (Mr Pickle)
Shiba Inu
Delko (Mr Pickle)
This is Delko and he is 2 years old. Pictured here with his best mate Yoshi who is no longer with us :(
V L Grimmett-Smith
Lichfield Lichfield

Millie Millie
Not Forgotten
this is our big beautiful Lady who sadly passed away recently leaving a massive empty space in our hearts she was more like a human than a dog and the best friend anybody could ever wish for we love you dearly R. I. P cannylass. xxx
Shona Stewart
Durham, Great Britain Durham, Great Britain

Boycie Boycie
Mixed Breed
This is Boycie he is about 11 Months old and Possibly a Staffie cross. I have had him 2 Months he is a Rescue who was going to be shot. He has just passed his Good Citizen Bronze Award. He is a lovely little dog full of beans and loves playing with a Kong toy.
Sam Lee
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Sparky Sparky
French Bulldog
The cutest french bull you will get! very friendly but lazy. he is 6 month old boy, he is very good on walks and he loves his tug of war toys! he has a dog bed but never sleeps in it!
Jordan Lower
Sussex, england Sussex, england

Ruby Ruby
Irish Setter
I have 2 dogs, Ruby- Irish setter who is currently 7 months old. He was brought from a breeder as a young puppy. Maisey- Jack Russell terrier X Patterdale Terrier who is currently 6 years 10 months. Rescued from a family friend's Ex.
Sam H
Staffordshire Staffordshire

Barney Barney
English Springer Spaniel
This is our beautiful dog Barney at only 6 weeks old and then at 10 months old! He is a wonderful, handsome and very lively boy! We enjoy taking him on long walks where he can run free and enjoy chasing the birds! He is now 13 months old and is turning into a lovely dog!
E Bowditch
Bristol Bristol

Mydane Maple * Blue * Mydane Maple * Blue *
Great Dane
Mydane Maple * Blue *
Blue is such a special boy winning many awards in the Show ring he is at Crufts again this year and has appeared at Discover Dogs in London. Also he gained his Good Citizen Gold, silver, Bronze awards. He just keeps on giving what a super star you are.
Sue Purnell
Maidstone, Kent. Maidstone, Kent.

Mydane Maple (Blue) Mydane Maple (Blue)
Great Dane
Mydane Maple (Blue)
Blue is a wonderfull dog with a great temperment and has achieved many awards in the show ring including being at crufts again this year 2012. Also getting his Good Citizen Gold, Silver, bronze awards. 1st place in Obedience, twice at Discover dogs in London and many other awards. He is a super star.
Sam Lee
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Suzie Suzie
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This is Suzie, she's approx 5. I got her from a rescue home on wed 31/1/2012. They said she was a staffy but id really like it if any1 could tel me what shes crossed with :)
Nicola Roe
County Durham County Durham

Timber Timber
Siberian Husky
Not Forgotten
Timber is a very special dog and touched our hearts in so many ways, also he is one of 2 top winning Obedience dogs in the uk the other being Kodii. We knew you from 8 weeks old and will miss you very much. God Bless sleep tight.
Sue (Hillstone) Purnell
Maidstone, Kent. UK Maidstone, Kent. UK

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