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Chloe Chloe
Miniature Schnauzer
I think Chloe was born to be a ballplayer. This ball is attached to her 24/7.
Reid Clark

Awe's Born Ozzy Awe's Born Ozzy
Miniature Schnauzer
Awe's Born Ozzy
This is Ozzy he is a 3 year old S&P and he is a wonderful little boy. He doesn't bark and is very calm and patient with my 2 year old. He loves playing with Balloons, he jumps up and bops them with his nose and even carries them around the ties so not to pop them. He knows the names of his toys and grunts when he's getting tummy scratches.
Dallas B
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Poochyena Poochyena
Miniature Schnauzer
Poochyena will be 3 years old in just a few weeks. This is a picture of her with her toy rat, Templeton. She loves that rat.
Chrissy M.

Jackson and Stanley Jackson and Stanley
Miniature Schnauzer
Jackson and Stanley
These are our boys Jackson and Stanners. Jacks is older and our snuggle bear and Stans is the baby and a class clown. I have no idea how I was ever happy before these boys came into my life. They are my joy.
Nikolas G.

Luna Luna
Miniature Schnauzer
Luna will soon have puppies, we hope that they will be so sweet as Luna is!
C. Colman
Belgium Belgium

Foster Marlow Foster Marlow
Miniature Schnauzer
Foster Marlow
Foster is my most loyal companion! He loves his toys and can go on for hours fetching; dropping them on your lap and waiting. If you don't respond, he continues to bring other toys. However, he can snuggle with you for hours just as well!!
A. Baucher

Charlie and Edie Charlie and Edie
Miniature Schnauzer
Charlie and Edie
This photo was taken after Edie's first clip at 4 months, she is on the left, hidden in front of the flowers! Charlie is now 7 and Edie is 1. They are both delightful characters and love doing agility and obedience work. They have their own website which they're hoping will be included in the web ring soon! Whoever said "Money can't buy you love" has never bought a Schnauzer!
Polly and Michael Parkes

Dodo Dodo
Miniature Schnauzer
Do I look like a bad guy because of my weird mustach? No, I'm not and never will....cause I'm taught always to do good and to behave as you can see now....
Lan Ma
China China

Tessy and Emmy Tessy and Emmy
Miniature Schnauzer
Tessy and Emmy
Tessy (the bigger one) is 3 years old and Emmy (the small puppy) is 6 months old. Tessy had an older brother Fido who was a mini too who recently passed and we got Emmy and boy do they love each other! They spend all their time cuddling, bear hugging, gnawing on each other and playing with all their stuffed animals and kongs. Spoiled and pampered, these two are my queens of the castle. Minis rule!! I love them!!!
Tara G

Shaggy Brown Shaggy Brown
Miniature Schnauzer
Shaggy Brown
Little Shaggy Brown is 5 1/2 months old in this picture. He is the sweetest little dog I have ever had. He runs around like he is running a marathon then goes to sleep like he just did run a marathon. He is a rare color not too many Brown Schnauzers out there. He is for-sure one of a kind for our family.

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