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Thor and Sampson Thor and Sampson
Siberian Husky
Thor and Sampson
Thor with Sammie in the kennel. Thor just turned 1 year old. He is about 80% Husky and 20% German Sheppard. He drives the older Sammie crazy with his energy. 2 great dogs!
Marty Mercer
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Sampson Sampson
Siberian Husky
Sammie has been with me for 9 years, he is a great dog, and we love him very much!
Marty Mercer
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Kenai Kenai
Siberian Husky
Kenai is 9 years old. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Karla Campbell
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Catching a Few Winks Catching a Few Winks
Siberian Husky
Catching a Few Winks
Dakota was found living on the street as a stray. He had been through a lot of bad times. He needed 2 surgeries, heart worm treatment and to gain 30 pounds. He also had mental scars to work through. But now he is living life like a king!
E Jinkins
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Sasha Sasha
Siberian Husky
Sasha is a 2 year old Siberian Husky that I rescued from the shelter. She is a wonderful dog! I can't understand why anyone would give her up. She doesn't bark, but howls, and seems to talk, especially at feeding time! She sounds like she's saying "I want my mama".
Pam G

Trinity Trinity
Siberian Husky
She is 5 months old and likes car trips.
Jasmina Gramatikova
Bulgaria Bulgaria

Saddam Saddam
Siberian Husky
He is very social with other people and dogs, all he does is sleep all day! He is very cute.
David Guitierrez
Colombia Colombia

Tytan Tytan
Siberian Husky
This is Tytan. We rescued him from a local dog pound. We love him very much. He is very vocal.
George McLamb

Valuiki Baldy (Anya) Valuiki Baldy (Anya)
Siberian Husky
Valuiki Baldy (Anya)
Anya is My foundation bitch. She is currently 6 and we are awaiting her first litter of puppies :-).
Krista Madden
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Aspen Aspen
Siberian Husky
My husband and I adopted Aspen from a humane society in Pennsylvania when she was 9 months old. She is now 2 1/2 and the biggest part of our little family! She was the flower girl when my husband and I got married this past April. We call her the Princess Weasel because she can weasel her way out of any cage, into any crevice, and into anyone's heart! She's the best!
Rebecca L
Virginia, USA Virginia, USA

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