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Shobe Shobe
Shobe is a natural born supermodel.
Chino Juinio
Philippines Philippines

spark spark
Golden Retriever
My cute and wonderful Sparky... cuddly..adorable..likes to jog and play.. crazy with any round objects...my clown and alarm clock...
kristine "abby" vital-ynares
Philippines Philippines

Golden Retriever
SParky--my smart, yet stuborn...sweet dog..never forgot to strike a pose on the camera..--my dear best dog...
kristine vital
Philippines Philippines

Cuddles and her pups Cuddles and her pups
Shih Tzu
Cuddles and her pups
This is my dog Cuddles she got puppies last Aug 7, 2006 she has 4 pups there are 2 boys and 2 gals there is (boys) Neiddles and Cookie (Gals) Periwinkle, Candy they don't actually look like there mom they only look like their dad! I hope you learn from this message when your dog gets pregnant.
Jam S.
Philippines Philippines

Tyson Tyson
Miniature Pinscher
Tyson will be celebrating his 1st birthday this coming September. I just want to tell the world how I love and care for my dog. Before Tyson came to my life, I didn't realize just yet how wonderful having a pet dog, especially a sweet and intelligent one like Tyson. I am really thankful that my girlfriend gave him to me as a christmas gift. Tyson is more than a pet for me... Though he is tiny, we consider him a big part of our family. =)
Marty Cachapero
Philippines Philippines

Joyce Joyce
American Staffordshire Terrier
very strong
Luvimin Lusterio
Philippines Philippines

Popsicle Popsicle
Labrador Retriever
The love of my life. She changed me in ways I cannot imagine.
Larry C.
Philippines Philippines

Pow-Pow Pow-Pow
Mixed Breed
he's a pug-daschund mix. We named him pow-pow derived from the noise of the fireworks since he was given to us on new year's eve. A small dog but heavy to carry. We love him just the way he is even if he sleeps like a cat and eats like a pig!hehehe!
Philippines Philippines

Gucci Gucci
Gucci is a nice dog because she allows other people to pet her.
Nixi and Xen Quintos
Philippines Philippines

Jack 'the KILLER' Jack 'the KILLER'
Miniature Schnauzer
Jack 'the KILLER'
Jack is 4yrs old, born on jan.25 2002.from M.S. Club Phil.
Ron Sacdalan
Philippines Philippines

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