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Bix Beiderbecke Winston Norris Bix Beiderbecke Winston Norris
Bix Beiderbecke Winston Norris
I wanted a bulldog for 15 years and finally was able to get one after I won a jackpot in Reno. Bix is very sweet and loves to stay with him grandmother when I go to work. They are close pals and love to watch television and sit on the window seat together watching the world go by.
Molly Norris
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Bobby Bobby
he is a 6 month old short haired chihuahua that loves to play
Sarah Mcfadden
usa usa

Samara Rose Samara Rose
Miniature Pinscher
Samara Rose
Samara Rose is very smart and friendly. She likes to go for walks and ride in the car. She is going into training for agility when she has completed her puppy classes. She is also very wild.
Kayla Harris

Duke Duke
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
my dog is frendly is nice
Jld Jld
marbalhead marbalhead

Duke Duke
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Duke was adopted from a shelter. He is ridgeless and approximately 6 years old now. This is Duke fitting all 110 pounds into a small chair. He is an excellent companion dog!
Lori S
United States United States

Dayre Dayre
German Shepherd Dog
Dayre was rescued (on Mothers Day) as a feral puppy from the local landfill at approximately 7 weeks old. She is about 10 weeks old in this picture and is making progress every day!
Lori S
United States United States

Multi Bis Gr Ch Tilki Bayan Of Alaturka Multi Bis Gr Ch Tilki Bayan Of Alaturka
Anatolian Shepherd
Not Forgotten
Multi Bis Gr Ch Tilki Bayan Of Alaturka
This "Foxy Lady" was the foundation female for my line and is the dog EVERY breeder wishes for. She was regal to the point I had dog show judges telling me they felt they should bow down to her. Over her career as a show dog, she made records that have not been broken to this day... I still see her beautiful face and sparkling eyes in some of her pups and grand pups, and I miss her every day.
Sandie King
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Murphy & Grace Murphy & Grace
Murphy & Grace
Both of my girls are rescue dogs. Gracie was one day away from being put down. They now live the life of luxury with me in Wilmington, NC.
D Tumolo

Priscilla Lee Priscilla Lee
Jack Russell Terrier
Priscilla Lee
Priscilla Lee is 4 years old. She has won a few awards for obstacle courses and fastest times.
Connie Brandon

Maggie Maggie
Shetland Sheepdog
Maggie is the offspring of Drake & Zoe Belle. She is 9 months and loves her momma (me).
Christie Holmes

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