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Blue Bailey Blue Bailey
Not Forgotten
Blue Bailey
it is a boy. he is brown. he is my favorite dog and always will be! i love him alot.
Sadie Carpenter
united states united states

Toby Toby
Mixed Breed
Toby is a 20 lb Chihuahua mix who just turned 6 years old this June. He is a blessing from God!! Truly obedient, extremely loving and loves to be with someone at all times. He is playful and has the best demeanor! At times he thinks he is a big dog and tries to act like one. A great dog and friend!
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Barkley Barkley
Mixed Breed
He is an Afghan/cocker mix-there is just not enough space to describe my dog child, Barkley-he is my world!
Audrey Vanderlinden
South Carolina, USA South Carolina, USA

Ginger Ginger
Not Forgotten
My dog is a little brown Chihuahua named Cocoa. She loves to chew on her toys and taking baths. She is potty - trained. She is 9 months old.
Julie Lynn Luna Canisiado-Fang

Taz Taz
Bull Terrier
She is 10yrs old and a great dog. She is my first Bully. We were in a Doggy Drill team(She Love performing). Now she is working on getting her CPX (Couch potato excellent) She is very spoiled my husband takes her with him everywhere. (except when it is to hot). On those days she lays on the couch with the fan on her.
Mary Marcus
California, USA California, USA

Genny And Pepper Genny And Pepper
Genny And Pepper
I love both of my little black dogs! They are my best friends and playmates. Genny grew up with me on a sailboat and loves the water. Pepper came along later and would rather chase squirrels.
Dalanie V
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Jake Jake
Jake just turned 2yrs old and is a BIG baby! He was diagnosed with a minor skin condition when he was a puppy, but we still love him in every way! He is and always will be our little man!
Ashley B.

Gismo Gismo
Japanese Chin
Not Forgotten
well i found gismo adducted at a church well i waz riding my bike taht day when i saw him. I had no way of getting him home so i left then i heard something folloeing me i turned there she waz following me. since then i kept her. when she eats her food her eyes bug out LOL. thanks for reading this
Sa Atwater
cranfills gap cranfills gap

Pebbles and Sunny Pebbles and Sunny
Pebbles and Sunny
Pebbles and Sunny are great friends. Pebbles being the oldest and wisest rules the house. Sunny, the new kid, is quick to comply with all of Pebbles wishes.
Linda Wilkinson
United States United States

Harvey Harvey
Not Forgotten
Harvey was a very special dog. He was my BEST friend. Harvey passed away from cancer at the young age of 9 Oct. 22, 2004 and I still miss him like it was yesterday. He had a basket full of toys, and when he was done playing with them he would put them back when I told him to. He would also let my husband know when it was supper time. I still grieve til this day. You can see the love in his beautiful face.
Rose Schuldt

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