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Gino Gino
Boston Terrier
I recused Gino through Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. He has a wonderful disposition, and I am so glad he is part of my family.
Cheryl Witz

Sophie Sophie
Sophie is a southern belle. I rescued her from Louisiana a year before Hurricane Katrina. She loves to cuddle with people and howling at squirells.
Kat S
Boston, USA Boston, USA

Clifford Clifford
Mixed Breed
My dogs name is Clifford. She is a 5 year old Lab/Chow mix.Her favorite thing to do is to lie in bed with my mom! Her favorite treat is goodlife recipe dog treats. She loves going for long walks on our nature trails in the mornings here in Ga!
Ceara Hall

Lexi Lou Lexi Lou
Yorkshire Terrier
Lexi Lou
This is my Lou Lou at a mardi gras parade. She really thinks she should be the only dog on earth!
Amanda B

Apollo Z and Rocky Lee Apollo Z and Rocky Lee
Shih Tzu
Apollo Z and Rocky Lee
Rocky and Apollo are our boys! Their names could not be more appropriate, as they box all of the time! Rocky is 1 1/2 years old and Apollo is 10 months!
Mark And Lisa Zorn

Simon The Terrible Simon The Terrible
Mixed Breed
Simon The Terrible
He is a great companion!
Michael F.

Willow Evian Spurgeon Willow Evian Spurgeon
Boston Terrier
Willow Evian Spurgeon
Amanda Spurgeon
United States United States

Pancakes Pancakes
Great Dane
He is 9 months old. He is a Fawnequin. He loves ice cream, showers and playing catch. He weighs 120# and is 36" tall! This is a picture of me before I had my hair done.
Denise Gregory

Harley Schnauzers Harley Schnauzers
Miniature Schnauzer
Harley Schnauzers
These are my 4 pupdogs...my kids in other words. Kassi, Rosco, Cierra and Shasta! They are within 2 years of age, from different breeders and loved dearly, spoiled daily and cherished all the time. They have become such good dogs, loving, talkative little things they are...and most importantly, they make ya laugh! They have so much personality, and love to have fun...Rosco the black schnauzer loves TV...yeah, he does. Bull riding seems to be his favorite..Kassi is a sad story, she is blind, but does get around nicely, but its still sad. Cierra is the BITCH of the bunch..spoiled, sleeps with me all the time, always close by, but is a talker. Shasta, we call her Shasta Pie, is something else, the licker of the crew. For a white schnauzer she is so cute...she has the whitest teeth. Of course they all have many names...sometimes I cant keep up with all the names they have...but they know them all. I feel so fornunate to have such a happy crew of dogs...they mean the world to me. Kassi, was raised on a semi...so she has been the trucking dog of the family..the others didnt get to experience trucking...but they do know BYE BYE, and love to see their favorite groomer! To funny...I love them dearly!
Tres Ribble

Lady Lady
Flat-Coated Retriever
My dog Lady is 2yrs old and yurns 3 on July,26. She can sit, shake, lay down, hi-five, and roll over. She is really funny when she gets on a new blanketed bed she will roll all over it.She loves to run and play with kids. She loves the water and our neighbers dog.
Jarrett H

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