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Lacy Lacy
Poodle (Miniature)
This is my amazing, five year old dog, Lacy. Lacy is truly amazing because she can play soccer! She dribbles the ball with her paws, she hits headers, she can gaurd anyone, and she can even be a goalie! She is a sporty dog and the coolest dog EVER! She is so much fun. Lacy can roll over, give high five, give double high five, shake, and the basic tricks. I LOVE MY LACY!
Katie Kranking

Angel Angel
Shih Tzu
i am a cute little dog who loves to play i will be 1 on june 9th
Carlie Patrick

Bear Bear
Australian Cattle Dog
Bear is a 7 month old that loves water. I took him to the lake and he manuvered the sailboat like a seasoned old sailor. He jumped into the lake at his first opportunity and his tail was wagging before he even hit the water.
Terry Hanchett

Miles Miles
Miles if now a little over two years old. He is so stubborn, clever and such a sweetie! He loves doing tricks and being really nosey. He has made my little family so happy and we love him so much.
Edith T.
Houston,Tx Houston,Tx

Lola Lola
Saint Bernard
Lola is 6 months in this picture. She loves going to the dog park. She loves all dogs and people.
Amber Richards

Pudge Pudge
This is Pudge! He is a great little Pug. Pudge loves to play outside and goes crazy when other dogs come over to play with him. He absolutley loves it! His bithday is January 10 and i celebrate his bithday with my 3 other dogs Casper the Pekingese,Savanna the Golden Retriever, and Cicie the Miniature Poodle. Yes Pudge lives the good life.
Karina Alfaro

Casper Casper
This is Casper my Amazing Pekingese! He is a 6 year old male, birthday August 8. He is a very photogenic dog. He loves having his picture taken and is very popular in my community. He performs dog shows for birthday parties and has been in parades. He has been in the Washington Post twice for supporting the fact to get new batteries for your smoke alarms and for pedestrian street saftey. He does this by holding up signs that says things about pedestrians and smoke alarms in his mouth and having his picture taken. He loves this kind of attention. He has taught kids Stop Drop and Roll by demonstrating. Since my dad, grandfather and step dad are firefighters. Casper goes to all the events to entertain. He has one best trick, best dressed and best bark contest at a huge event. I love my CASPER VERY MUCH! he will do anything for me. He is always interested in learning new tricks. So far he knows 20. i love to groom him, play ball with him, and just spoil him. He has many dog outfits to wear when we go out and a dog carrier for when he gets tired. i love casper
Karina Alfaro

Toby Toby
Yorkshire Terrier
Not Forgotten
toby was about 12 yrs old. he was a very sweet, gentle dog., beautiful. we love him very much, he died in my arms nov9, 2003 at 7. 30 pm on a sunday night. i cried for 3 weeks straight. we had toby since he was 6 weeks old. he was my baby. i did not go to work that next day. so we brought odee home when he was 7 weeks old. it did help me. odee does the same things that toby used to do. it is almost like toby never left us. odee is tobys distance cousin. toby is now our little angel at rainbow bridge. we still love and miss him very much!
Darlene Coleman
usa usa

Scooter Scooter
Yorkshire Terrier
scooter is a morkie half yorkie, half maltese. he is 3 months old. and weighs 2. 1lb. he is a very smart little puppy. he plays with the cats and odee. plays with the doggie toys. he sleeps alot. he likes to chew on your fingers. scooter is a nephew to odee. so odee is his uncle. he is a very cute and lovable puppy.
Darlene Coleman

Odee Odee
Yorkshire Terrier
odee is a very smart little dog. he is 3yrs & 6months old. and weighs 8.3lbs. he loves to go outside and tries to chase the squirrels. he plays ball in the house with his squeaky ball. he chases our two cats, sammie, bootsie, and our little puppy, scooter. he has grown into a beautiful dog! odee is more like a human to us as he understands everything we say to him.
Darlene Coleman
United States United States

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