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Goldy Goldy
Mixed Breed
hey my dogs name is goldy. this is er jumping 3days after she got a hair cut. gotta love her. she is actually a shih tu terria x
Kelly .....
wa wa

Dixie Dixie
Mixed Breed
She is almost 4. Perfect dog I just wish I knew what kind she was she is my Heinz 57 dog.
Christina H.
Indiana Indiana

Maxim Cleo Crissi Jasper Maxim Cleo Crissi Jasper
Mixed Breed
Maxim Cleo Crissi Jasper
maxim lab/gsd 14 years young. cleo gsd 3 years. crissi xgsd 12 years young. jasper choc labx 5 years
Jean White
leeds west yorkshire leeds west yorkshire

Gonzo Gonzo
Mixed Breed
Gonzo is a 2 year old Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise mix. Known as Zuchons, they are the Teddy Bear collection. He has a great temperament, calm and happy all the time. Because of him, the decision to get a puppy was the easiest one that my husband and I have ever made.
Toni Muir
New Jersey, US New Jersey, US

Spots Spots
Mixed Breed
I luv Spots!
Adam Jackson

Rimshot Rimshot
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Rimshot was with us for more than 15 years--when searching thru photos to frame, we found this one from his younger days--we had forgotten his ability to scale mountains in his teen years--he was a great dog and great friend!
Liz Martin
Vacaville, CA Vacaville, CA

James & Lilym James & Lilym
Mixed Breed
James & Lilym
James & Lily are miniature dachsund/west highland white terrier mix and are bother and sister. They are so adorable! They are 2 months old in this picture and as you can tell they are inseperable! They are named after James & Lily Potter, parents of the famous Harry Potter.
Katherine Shaw
New York New York

Peppino Peppino
Mixed Breed
Peppino is a star in our neighbourhood....very famous and loved by many. He is very peculiar in so many ways and brings so much joy in our life.
M. Randazzo
Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario

Mixed Breed
"Hey" look at Prince
Prince is the best dog ever! Although he's not very good on a leash. He loves to play, but when he gets on a bed he's just so calm and sweet.
Prince Paxton
Fair Grove, Missouri U.S.A. Fair Grove, Missouri U.S.A.

Shiloh Shiloh
Mixed Breed
Shiloh is a rottweiler/ black lab she is the sweetest thing alive I LOVE HER
Akm Akm
Colorado, USA Colorado, USA

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