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Cloud Cloud
Shih Tzu
A natural born charmer! He can bring the house down and gets away with it effortlessly... I love this dog with all my heart and soul :)
Jonaver Naidas
China China

Princess Princess
Shih Tzu
My dog Princess is a girl. She is 3 and a half years old. We got her this year on 12-10-05. She is very playful and cute. She does not like the cage so much because she wines alot. She is black with a little white on her chin.
Kristina Gibaldi
Brooklen, NY Brooklen, NY

Pup-Pup Pup-Pup
Shih Tzu
She's very funny and hyper.
Morgan Bright

Jenna May Cuddles Marie L. Sulquiano Jenna May Cuddles Marie L. Sulquiano
Shih Tzu
Jenna May Cuddles Marie L. Sulquiano
Cuddles will have a husband in January. She is going to be one of the dogs in our FAMILY TREE. She may look nice here but she will always be beautiful for me. She is almost 9 months old.
Bryan Sulquiano
Philippines Philippines

Yuki Yuki
Shih Tzu
Yuki at 11 months.
C Sespene

Shanghai-Joe and Tokyo Rose Shanghai-Joe and Tokyo Rose
Shih Tzu
Shanghai-Joe and Tokyo Rose
This Is a pix of Tokyo and her boyfriend Shanghai (deceased) and Tok just wanted everyone to know that she misses Shanghai very much and so does Mom, Dad and Tree.
Tree G
Canada Canada

Niño Niño
Shih Tzu
Niño is an adorable caring dog, We love him so much! He is a very spoiled, friendly dog, he will make us laugh every day. He is the baby of our family and he knows it! He loves to chew on little bones, on paper and on the carpet. He loves his stuffed animals, cookies, and he loves to go outside! He gives alot of kisses! we love him! Patry and Matias.
Patry L
Colombia Colombia

Donlee's Beat the Tom Tom STA Donlee's Beat the Tom Tom STA
Shih Tzu
Donlee's Beat the Tom Tom STA
Both Tommy's mother and father are champions, as well as almost every dog on his pedigree and we hope to continue this tradition in his show and ling career.
Lisa Miller

Bobby Bobby
Shih Tzu
I don't think there exists another creature in this world that's sweeter than me. I am 6 years old and my parents spoil me to the fullest. Pretty soon I will have a brother and I'm looking forward to it. P.S. By the way, I love mom more than daddy. Bobby
Vilma and Darien Guri
Albania Albania

Brittany Brittany
Shih Tzu
Brittany is 1 1/2 years old. We "inherited" her from our son and his wife after they realized they did not have time for Brittany. She is our baby now and we love her. She is changing colors. She was almost all white when we got her. She loves to go outside and bark at any other animal she can see or hear lol.
Dianne Mercer

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