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Charlie T Bone Charlie T Bone
German Shepherd Dog
Charlie T Bone
Our adorable German Shepherd, Charlie T Bone. He is just too adorable.
Sheela Collins
Georgia, Usa Georgia, Usa

Zoey Zoey
Zoey is my little buddy. Whether we're wrestling or cuddling up to a good movie. This is a picture I took of her on New Year's Eve after all the fun and festivities. She is 7 months old.
Samara Daniel
Usa Usa

Rain Rain Go Away Rain Rain Go Away
Mixed Breed
Rain Rain Go Away
We adopted Hunter after hearing that he had been through 3 animal shelters and 4 homes. We knew he was the right dog for us. It has been a blessing and a comfort to have him each day with us. Oh yeah, he loves his window seat!
Janice Wrhel
Usa Usa

Chata Chata
Chata is a 4 month Pekingese, she's very smart, she has a pedigree and she has a cream coat with white feet that looks like socks. She's very nice with other dogs.
Linda Villarreal
Usa Usa

Claire Bear Claire Bear
Silky Terrier
Claire Bear
This is my baby!!! She loves to chase birds and stray cats in the yard. She was my anniversary present 3 years ago and I wasnt even sure I wanted a dog and my husband brought wrapped in his coat this SWEET puppy and I instanly fell in love with her and now She runs the house. I wouldnt have it any other way.
Usa Usa

Rocco Rocco
Shetland Sheepdog
Rocco lived with two other families before moving in with us when he was 7 mths old. He was first owned by an elderly couple who got him for a valentine's present, then by another older couple - they all found him to be much too hyper for them. He is one of the more difficult dogs I've had to train, but, his barking is the only real issue I haven't been able to control - otherwise, he's a wonderful dog and very fun to spend time with.
Joan Stuart
Usa Usa

Caesar Caesar
Labrador Retriever
Caesar was a stray labrador Retriever that my son found hanging around his school when he was about 6 mths old - no one ever claimed him so we kept him and he's now lived with us for over 9 years and is one of the best dogs we've ever had - totally loyal, friendly, and very tolerant of all our other pets. My husband, who was totally against keeping another dog, constantly brags about him and tells everyone what a great dog he is!
Joan Stuart
Usa Usa

Count Jax - Aka Jax Count Jax - Aka Jax
Airedale Terrier
Count Jax - Aka Jax
This is Jax. He's 10 weeks old. He's really starting to develop quite a personality. He's almost house trained, and sits and lies down on command. Getting him to stay doesn't seem to be much fun for him, but we are working on it!
Usa Usa

Strutter Strutter
Italian Greyhound
Strutter is our baby boy, even though he is now 10 and much older than his two-year-old sister dog, Arielle. He was a show dog for his first three years and won several medals. He still sits at perfect attention whenever he is waiting for us to take him out or put his coat on. He is very patient and hardly ever barks or whines unless he is really hungry or needs to go out. He is very loving and covers us in licks, mostly on our noses. He's also the best cuddler in bed and enjoys spooning. Strutter is a sweetheart!
Landry Fuller
California, Usa California, Usa

Arielle Arielle
Arielle turns two this week and is a very active and loving girl dog. She is known as the fastest runner in our doggie park and enjoys chasing balls and frisbees. She likes any kind of food she can get her paws on and seems to have a never-ending appetite. Still she maintains her slim frame with all of the exercise that she gets. Treats are her favorite word and she comes running anytime she hears it. Arielle is a sweet part of our family.
Landry Fuller
California, Usa California, Usa

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