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Chance Chance
Boston Terrier
This is Chance my Boston Terrier puppy, who is 6 weeks old. I lost both Thumper and Angel 4 days within each other, that devastated me so much. I needed the therapy, not to mention my other dog Tango was so lost and lonely without his companions. Chance is so sweet, cute and super smart, i've only had him since 12-08 and he's already doing good with his potty training and accepting a leash!
Stacey Glover
Alabama. Usa Alabama. Usa

Hemi Hemi
She is a toy pekingese and she is 8 weeks old in this photo.
Usa Usa

Luxee Luxee
The best little gift I have ever recieved. Luxee is my therapy and the best friend I could possibly ask for.
Angie Goff
Usa Usa

Jake Jake
Golden Retriever
Jake is just a big, lovable couch potato
Kelsey and Amber Fitzwater
United States United States

Albert and Remus Albert and Remus
Albert and Remus
My dogs are the most playful and well trained dogs I have ever seen. I love them and will treasure them as long as i live.
Brazel Crocker
United States United States

Charlie Charlie
Bichon Frise
Charlie is 6 months old, and very loved!
Sam B
Usa Usa

Molly Molly
She is a beautiful girl that is full of life and is such a joy. By far the most fun and energetic dog we have ever had. Who would have thought this little girl (a rescue dog) could bring so much love and joy to our happy home.
Usa Usa

Scout Scout
Labrador Retriever
Isnt he so cute with his hears back I think he is afraid when cameras are kinda to close to him,but he sure does cute ones!!
Kelly F
Usa Usa

Ava Ava
She is very energetic, always wants your attention and is sort of snobbish. When she isnt running around she likes to play with kids and loves to sleep in the sun
Tpd Davis
Usa Usa

Bob Bob
Boston Terrier
he does not look like what he is
Dana Gantt
Usa Usa

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