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Vincent 'Vinni' Holt Vincent 'Vinni' Holt
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Not Forgotten
Vincent 'Vinni' Holt
Vincent was my first pet and I couldn't gotten more lucky! He would be 4 years old this December 7th, but we lost him to a rare spinal cancer. He was like our little child and I miss him terribly everyday. My fondest memories were that Vinni would keep me company and protect me from strangers, he also hated water and would make a funny squint when out in the rain. I love him and miss him so much!
Dana M.
Usa Usa

Jackson 'Jax' Holt Jackson 'Jax' Holt
Basset Hound
Jackson 'Jax' Holt
Jax is the newest addition to our family. He is eight weeks old and already has such personality. He spends most of the day sleeping, but when he wakes he is curious, playful, and loving. He is a tiny four pounds right now, it is hard to believe he will be forty pounds someday. He is the cutest little puppy and we are already in love with him!
Dana M
Usa Usa

Ridley Ridley
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
Ridley was a wonderful pet for 13 whole years. This picture was taken when he was still young & vivacious. Because the snow looks like clouds, we called him "angel boy."
Cbc Cbc
Usa Usa

Roxy Roxy
German Shepherd Dog
roxy is a fun-loving 10mo old puppy. she spends most of her time running in the back yard digging holes. we try to keep in the house but she doesnt like it to much. roxy loves her family and came be very protective.
Adrian Moore Jr.
Usa Usa

Toodles Toodles
Not Forgotten
i had her about 14 years. she loved to sleep on my head. she was epileptic. my dear chihuahua 'trixie' would come to me and let me know if she was in a seizure if i didnt see her. she was the best friend anyone could ever want. always knew when i was sad, she would come and sit in my lap and make me rub her belly. it always helped. i miss her terribly.
Sherry Lee
Usa Usa

Ozzie 5 Month Ozzie 5 Month
Ozzie 5 Month
Ozzie is 5month old beagle, loves to bite but deep down he is sweet.
Jalon Walsh
Usa Usa

Buddy Buddy
German Shepherd Dog
Buddy loves to play with his toys and loves his human kids.
Jenn P
Oklahoma, Usa Oklahoma, Usa

Buddy (Left) And Harley (Right) Buddy (Left) And Harley (Right)
Golden Retriever
Buddy (Left) And Harley (Right)
Buddy and Harley are 7 mths in this picture. Born 3/26/2006. What else can I say, except "Such handsome boys they are!"
Lana Kacludis
Usa Usa

Chester Chester
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chester is 8 years old and thinks he is still a puppy. He is very gentle and full of energy but not to hyper. He loves to go duck hunting and loves the water. He is the best dog ever!
Jozanna Fox
Usa Usa

Lebo Lebo
Siberian Husky
Lebo is a rescue dog and we are very lucky to have found her. She has changed our lives.
Jose Holli
Usa Usa

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