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Spike Spike
Spike was born deaf and I was lucky enough to be able to bring him up after his previous owners had to give him away because they thought he was untrainable because. Best friend I ever found.
Jock Stoddart
Scotland Scotland

Buddy Buddy
Buddy is a strong yet fun loving dog who likes Pina Coladas and dancing in the rain! He loves people and is very playful. He protects a farm of 5 hundred acres and nothing passes under his nose without him knowing. He's the best friend and a major part of the family.
PK Kov

Ruby Ruby
Wonderful dog... loving, loyal, smart and very protective.
Jolanta Coval

Pluto Pluto
This is Pluto, he is my first dog and I don't ever see myself with any other dog than the Boxer. Pluto is extremely cuddly and loving, he loves every single person and animal he meets (no matter the size), and he is a total goof ball. He is always ready to play and he has a special talent with making you laugh. He has been in my life for a year and he truly is the best thing in my life.
Ayaiza Gutierrez
New Jersey, FL New Jersey, FL

Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy
Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy
Brooke is a beautiful 2 year old flashy fawn female. She is a wonderful family dog and the foundation bitch for our breeding program. She is extremely gentle with our 3 year old daughter. She is all that we could possibly want in a family companion.
Lena Arkell
Canada Canada

Layla Layla
This is Layla when we picked her up at the breeder. Of course she is the one in the middle. What a feisty little girl.
Christine Sachs

Dylan Dylan
Dylan is 3 months old. Isn't he cute?
Ioanna Pritsiveli
Athens, Greece Athens, Greece

Destructus Maximus Destructus Maximus
Destructus Maximus
Maxine (her call name) is the first Boxer I've owned. She is the BEST dog ever. She "adopted me" when she was 7 weeks old after months and months of searching. Max just recently turned 9 months old. She has so much energy and personality she's a little hard for people to handle sometimes. She is very protective of me and although they say Boxers are not 'single owner' dogs...she won't leave my side if I'm around. She's my life companion. I can't even begin to explain the bond we share. Bad day, good day she knows and you can tell by the look in her eyes. She is definitely my best friend.
Erin T.

Ace Ace
Out of all the dogs I had, I love this one the most. He is the most energetic, most lovable dog I ever had. He is very loyal, smart, and nice to almost everyone.
Eric V.

Rocky Rocky
Rocky was rescued from being put down. I met him and fell in love immediately. His previous owners were not kind to him-he had a nylon collar he was allergic to, very thin, just not healthy all around. We have had Rocky for about 3 years now and today is his 6th birthday! We do have his breeding papers, so we know he his a purebred and the breeder is a wonderful person! She showed us photos of him as a puppy.... Rocky is very well mannered, can go out in our backyard w/out a leash, listens very well, loving, protective, wonderful with small children (babies especially), lives with 3 cats and loves them! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It makes me sad to think that someone would want to destroy such a beautiful creature...glad we rescued him when we did! :)
Roxanne O'Brien

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