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Alaska Alaska
Ummm he is a 4 years old a white Maltese namd Alaska. He is very placid and loves new people and other dogs.. he is a lil bit overweight.
Hannah H
Australia Australia

Oscar Oscar
Poodle (Miniature)
Oscar's 4 years old. He thinks he's human, but loves nothing more than to run at the beach with his 'brother' and play with the frisbee.
Chris C
Australia Australia

Chocky Chocky
I got Chocky from an animal shelter in 2000. We've now had him for 5 years and hope to do so for many many more! He has the best personality and is more human than I would like to admit. He is the best dog I've ever known or come across, I think it's just the breed, for others I have met are just the same.
Jennifer B
Australia Australia

Elvis and Kimba Elvis and Kimba
Elvis and Kimba
Not being able to have any of our own, these funny little bunces are our babies. Both Elvis & Kimba were rescued from the Lost Dogs Home. They are spoilt with hugs, kisses & yummy treats daily, their cheeky personalities often find them playing tug of war with daddy's socks, scattering toys & hiding pigs ears around the house. Such a small price to pay for the unconditional love they give us both in return.
Kerence E Melbourne
Australia Australia

Diesel Diesel
Mixed Breed
Diesel is the sweetest natured dog who was dumped and then we adopted him. He loves chew toys that have squeakers in them. He is a cross breed Foxy cross Jack Russel.
Ladyowl D
Australia Australia

Pebbles Pebbles
Mixed Breed
Gorgeous, smart, cheeky and cute. This Maltese x Shih Tzu puppy is a lovely little and she loves playing ball game and sleeping in my arms. She is 200% spoiled!
Phoebe B
Australia Australia

Nikita May Nikita May
Alaskan Malamute
Nikita May
Nikita May is a 5 year old desexed female that actually belongs to our son, but would never be parted from her "Nannie & Poppie". She has a giant heart of gold & loves to romp around the yard with her two mates 14 year old Steffi the Staffordshire Terrier & 8 year old Brutus the fawn Pug. Her favorite place is in the house on the couch watching "Nannie" watching TV.
SmB Barker
Australia Australia

Boof Boof
This is Boof. He is our 5 year old Rottweiler and he is cute.
Sarah White
South Australia, Australia South Australia, Australia

Bosley (Boz) Bosley (Boz)
American Staffordshire Terrier
Bosley (Boz)
Bosley is our 5 month old and we thought everyone else should see him.
Sarah White
South Australia, Australia South Australia, Australia

Angel Angel
Her name may be Angel, but her little halo has sure fallen off in the past few weeks. She plays hard and even scares other bigger dogs away. She is my little macho girl and she has filled my heart with love.
Iliana Belis
Australia Australia

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