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Frodo Frodo
Golden Retriever
Frodo is 9 months old. He likes doing everything in my blue sofa, including sleeping, eating, and playing. He loves to chew all the furniture, play hide and seek, and sleep at random place. He is very naughty. But he always makes my day brighter, and full of joy and laughter. He never fails to make me smile whenever I am down. I love him so much. =)
Nina Ambarina
Indonesia Indonesia

Speedo Speedo
German Shepherd Dog
He is Speedo, he runs fast and loves Hide and Seek. He loves water and knows to speak. He is my baby.
Raj Mani
India India

Alvin von Disney Alvin von Disney
Poodle (Toy)
Alvin von Disney
Alvin is 6 yrs old now.. but seems like he's only 1 year old! Adorable, Prince of our family, very active, absolutely marvelous to play with, very protective of me and looks like my shadow.. never let me go alone and guard me all night long.. That's how loyal he is.
Clara Pascalinheart
Indonesia Indonesia

Fristi, Bubu and Belgo Fristi, Bubu and Belgo
Shih Tzu
Fristi, Bubu and Belgo
They are...loveable, huggable, spoiled, cute. Bubu, Fristi and Belgo are 4 month triplets. We love them so much!!!
Kelz Kelzy
Indonesia Indonesia

Gisselle Gisselle
Shih Tzu
She's a lovely dog, very spoiled and loveable. She's our princess, we love her so much!!
Kelz Kelzy
Indonesia Indonesia

Bozo Bozo
Golden Retriever
Bozo was brought from a hill resort in South India at 6 weeks. He has adjusted well in our coastal area called Kakinada. In summer he mostly remains in air-cooled room. He celebrated his 1st birthday with a cake, and he eats all he likes. Like raw vegetables, nuts, Indian milk, sweets and corn. True his its breed, he simply loves mankind.
Meera I.
India India

Delphi Delphi
Great Dane
Radhika Mathur
India India

Penny Penny
Lhasa Apso
Penny is a cute.........sort of dumb.....dog. But she is darn too cute!!!!!!!!!!
Nikita Tandon
India India

Lassino Lassino
Lassie is the cutest amd smartest dog around. He is 15-months old when this picture was taken and his birthday is the same as mine.
William Sidyanto
Indonesia Indonesia

Lucky Lucky
Lucky's mate is Happy and I am the proud owner of 2 Pekingese dogs and 2 pups Jolly and Rolly. She is a sweet little bitch and is very affectionate and is really lucky to have her 2 pups with her.
Anita Raj
India India

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