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Olivia Olivia
Poodle (Miniature)
She became part of our family last February. She'll be a year old in December. She is a sweet dog who loves everyone. My daughter plays dress up with her and she is really a good sport.
Teresa F
Usa Usa

Sweetie Sweetie
Mixed Breed
Age:8 Gender:Female Weight:86.3 lbs. Comments: Sweetie is a blacklab/cockerspanial mix who is energetic and friendly, but she tends to roll in dead stuff ALOT and chase little chipmunks.
Usa Usa

Fiona Fiona
American Eskimo Dog
Her name is Fiona she is 10 months. She loves the outdoors, she is verry playfull and could get along with other pets oh she is also very good with children.
Patty Noyola
Hollister, Ca Hollister, Ca

Angel Angel
Miniature Schnauzer
Angel is very cute dog! She loves to cuddle! She can jump very high!! She loves to go "woo woo"! She is very cute and talented!
Kacie Mayne
United States United States

Cupcake Cupcake
Miniature Schnauzer
Cupcake is a very cute dog! She has a pretty smile!!! She loves to cuddle!! Also she loves to give high fives!! She is a very smart and talented dog!
Tracy Fletter
United States United States

Sir Sullivan Of Mastic (Sully) Sir Sullivan Of Mastic (Sully)
Boston Terrier
Sir Sullivan Of Mastic (Sully)
This is SuLLy. He is 5months old.
Angie Schuhbauer
Usa Usa

Apple Jellee Boo Apple Jellee Boo
Poodle (Toy)
Apple Jellee Boo
Jellee is my fiesty. She is cat like in play. Jellee is very smart and loves to get her picture taken. She also likes to play dress up. She is a camera hog. She also does tricks, sit, lay down, roll over, walk, dance, high 5 and twirl. She also smiles at people who smell pretty.
Justin Dahlstrom
United States United States

The Queens Of The House! The Queens Of The House!
The Queens Of The House!
This is an updated picture of Queen CoCo and Queen Sugar Bear. They are my everything. They love to play with each other and the 4 cats that they have adopted and now live with us. CoCo is the smaller chocolate dog, but she runs the house, and Sugar knows to let her by with it. They are very fun loving and easy going dogs. Mommy can't go anywhere without taking her s along with her. I love you two both very much!
Stephanie Cline
Usa Usa

Queen Sugar Bear! Queen Sugar Bear!
Queen Sugar Bear!
Mommy's little loves to have her picture taken. Sugar is now 1 almost 2, and is spoiled rotten. She loves to have her belly rubbed and play with her sissy CoCo.
Stephanie Cline
Usa Usa

Wylie & Snoopy Wylie & Snoopy
Australian Cattle Dog
Wylie & Snoopy
Hey these are my babies!They are c-u-t-e cute!I kno i am c-r-a-z-y!
Usa Usa

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