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Maddie's Float Maddie's Float
Maddie's Float
Maddie has claimed this float as her own, and will nudge all others off, whether canine or human.
Harold Pruitt
Texas, USA Texas, USA

SnoopDogg SnoopDogg
Basset Hound
This is my best friend SnoopDogg,he's 3 1/2 yrs old.When he's not out asleep he enjoy's howling,eating, and chasing whatever kind of small game he can get scent of.He also enjoy's riding with me in our tractor-trailer, may have a lil' bit of "Fred" in him.
J Porter

Nano Beas Nano Beas
Nano Beas
my is dog is the sweetest dog in the world. he is very playful and funny.
Yery Beas
usa usa

Bud Bud
My dog is Bud, he is a deaf white boxer that is very smart. He knows his sign language and does not miss a thing even though he does not hear. I adopted him from a rescue where his previous owners were not nice to him. He now has all the love, attention, treats, and respect he deserves! He is my best friend, i am so grateful every day that we found each other, a match made in heaven!
R.S. C.

Wolfgang Wolfgang
Shih Tzu
Wolfgang will be 3 years old in Dec. 2006. He's just like one of my children. He's the boss around my house, he has made that abundantly clear! SPOILED!
Jennifer Drake

Tommy & Molly Tommy & Molly
English Cocker Spaniel
Tommy & Molly
Tommy 11yrs old (left) is an English Cocker Spaniel & Molly 2 1/2 yrs old (right) is an American Cocker Spaniel. Cutest couple!!!We love them...
B. R.
Los Angeles, USA Los Angeles, USA

Morgan Morgan
West Highland White Terrier
This is our beloved Morgan. He turned 13 years old today (10/11/06). He's been the BEST dog in the world to us. We don't know what we'd do without him. He spends his days chasing squirrels and relaxing by the pool! Westies are the best!
M Iseman

Attilah Attilah
German Shepherd Dog
Attilah is about 7 weeks old. Someone dropped her off along our fence line, so we took her in. She is an awesome pup, listens quite well. Still a little shy, but the cocker is helping with that..lol. Any suggestions on how to keep her from screamin out early in the mornin would be appreciated.
Rick & Hannah Medley
Texas, USA Texas, USA

snuggles snuggles
Snuggles is the last puupy of star wars and spoil rotten. She is picture here wit her mama. She want attention all the time.
usa usa

Star Wars Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars is 11 years old. She is a little ham. If her water dish is not fill to the top she will bark to let you know. She has had 3 liters a toatal of 10 puppies.
usa usa

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