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Ava Ava
German Shepherd Dog
Ava is an outgoing and loving dog. She loves to sit on couches, as you can see from the picture! She is 11 months old.
Erin Wirtjes

Butchie Butchie
This is a picture of my long-haired Chi, Butchie. She loves to go boating as you can tell from this picture.
Bridget Davis

Emmit Emmit
Emmit is a fun loving, gentle, un-altered (still has his tail and all four dew claws, with the exception of neutering) Rottweiler puppy. At the time of this picture he was eight months old, and pushing ninety pounds. He is incredibly gentle with our new born baby. He has not shown any aggression with any other dogs or humans, and I would recommend Rottweilers to any one.
O. Boyle
Brooklyn, NY, USA Brooklyn, NY, USA

Cooper Cooper
Mixed Breed
Cooper is a "Chiweeny". Chihuahua and Dachshund mix. He is such a wonderful addition to our home. He has the sweetest personality with a lot of charm. He plays until he simply collapses in daddy's lap. He's such a treat.
Marcia LR

Chloe Chloe
Miniature Pinscher
Chloe is Very special to me and my husband. I got her right after I lost out first baby. She was right there with me the whole time.
Angel Huneycutt

NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH
German Shorthaired Pointer
NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH
NMK has been dedicated to the Dual Quality GSP for over 30 years. Producing a record setting 13 Dual Champions and home to the top all time winningest GSP in breed history, DC Brittania. We believe your GSP should hunt for you all day and sleep on your kid's bed at night. Mocha is on his way to a CH and a MH and has already produced a 13 month old Senior Hunter daughter and multiple JH get. His 4 month old daughter went Best in Match last month with owner handler Debbie Lewis at the helm.
Carol Chadwick
California, USA California, USA

Doberman Pinscher
Paris is 1 1/2 and very entertaining. She loves HER cats, and is scared of strange cats! She has to sleep under the covers in bed w/me, and has managed to convince everyone that has met her that Dobermans are definiatly not viscious dogs!
Eileen J
usa usa

Foxy Foxy
Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Always a little chilly so she loves to dress up. Has to be on a lap at all times and is a total cover hog in bed.
Jon Garrison

Alaska Alaska
Shetland Sheepdog
This is our third and final sheltie addition. I just cannot get enough of this beautiful, loyal and loving breed. Alaska will be my Christmas present to ME. He will join our small family with Gracie & Austin in November.
Bonnie Callahan

Oni Oni
Italian Greyhound
Oni is my little princess, rescued from a pet store when she was a puppy. She loves to play with her family.
Anna H

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