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Charlie, the Chocolate Chow Charlie, the Chocolate Chow
Chow Chow
Charlie, the Chocolate Chow
We adopted Charlie, the chocolate chow from the chow chow rescue of Cicero, NY. He is about 2 yrs old. Charlie has been enjoying his new surroundings and has a lot of energy. He loves coming out with us on car rides and meeting new people. He has a fine tuned palette, especially enjoying roast beef and chicken. He's loves to play and chase you around the house, and he will always catch you! We really love him so much and we are so happy he is part of our lives. He is such a good boy & really loves getting spoiled by being the only pet in our house.
Lauren P.
Poughquag, NY Poughquag, NY

Beans Beans
After losing my little dog of 15 years I decided to adopt another dog. I adopted a 9 year old Chihuahua, named Beans. It was a slow process to win him over but we are stuck on each other now. While cleaning out my summer clothes he decided it was the best bed yet! On a recent dog walk for charity little Beans decided my arms were the best mode of travel, not to mention, we took a short cut to the finish line.
Carolyn K
Greene, New York Greene, New York

Jadi Jadi
Belgian Malinois
She is so smart, playful, loving and yet protective.
Wes J
California California

Claudia-Marie Claudia-Marie
West Highland White Terrier
Claudia-Marie is just a tad bit spoiled. She is the alpha dog at our home. She just ran her first 5 K race this past weekend for Paws for the Cause. A 5K helping the Humane Society. She is a very sweet dog and enjoys going for runs and walks with me.
Alabama Alabama

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
famous amosmoses by his river

Little Buddy Little Buddy
Little Buddy
Buddy loves EVERYONE! Although many of the people in our neighborhood don't know my name, most of our neighbors within a 2 block radius know Buddy by name! Buddy is also obsessed with cats. He loves them and wants them to play with him. If he hears the word "kitty" he is off and running in search of a new kitty friend.
Shelley Horsley
California California

Timber Timber
Timber is my boy, my protector and my best friend forever.
John Babb
Milford NH Milford NH

Bee and Shannon Bee and Shannon
Miscellaneous Breed
Bee and Shannon
these two are half sisters;full blooded rat terriers
Freida Bass
Alabama Alabama

Molly Molly
Yorkshire Terrier
Molly is a fun loving yorkie that we love soooo much and everyone that meets her falls in love with. I would recommend a yorkie if you want a loving dog that is always ready to snuggle and love you.
Devon M
Tacoma WA Tacoma WA

Kirby Kirby
Mixed Breed
Kirby is only 3 months old. He is a very playful puppy. He is a photogenic puppy. He loves posing for the camera.
Amayrani Cruz
Chicago, Ill Chicago, Ill

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