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Batista Batista
Batista is a Bull Boxer he's 6 months old, loves to run,play,sleep and take four wheeler rides, he weighs 50 pounds at the time, he knows all sorts of tricks like shake,sit, and lay, he also enjoys drinking water straight from a water hose, in his history he has became really sick a couple of times almost dying once, but now he's doing great and you can't wear him down, he somehow or another finds energy and goes all day {real energetic}.
Raymond Perkins

Mona and Mitzi Mona and Mitzi
Mona and Mitzi
Mona and Mitzi were rescued dogs, they both were severely abused. They are the love of my life and I promised them that no one would ever harm them again.
Corinne Nelson
California, USA California, USA

Riley Riley
Airedale Terrier
Not Forgotten
Riley was the most spirited yet gentle creature with great intelligence and a great heart...and we miss him still, more than a year after we had to let him go. We loved you well, little man....

Remy and Aramis Lounging Remy and Aramis Lounging
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Remy and Aramis Lounging
Remy is a 115 lb lap dog. He likes nothing better to lay in your lap and cuddle with you all day. At night, I have to hope that I have enough room to sleep in our King Size bed as he likes nothing more than to stretch out as much as possible. Aramis is his big sister and she is definitely the Alpha--she likes nothing more than to play with a ball all day and night. She is the real guard dog of the house. As you can see they both love lying in the sun.
M.J. Stone

Sugar Sugar
Sugar is our baby. She was adopted at the Humane Society of the White Mountains in Arizona. She has been a big part of our family since day one. We love her and take care of her like she is our child.
Kimberly H

Logan Logan
Logan "the destroyer"... of hearts and stuffed animals... And he is a danger.. to ice cream everywhere... Thank you for making my life a pleasure, sweet boy... We love you...
Janet Reno
United States United States

Logan Logan
Our boy Logan... Is the world's greatest dog... My best friend, my son and the light of my life... There is nothing better than waking up to his smiling face everyday... I hope I make him half as happy as he makes me... Thank you baby boy...
Janet Reno
United States United States

~-~ Lucky ~-~ ~-~ Lucky ~-~
Poodle (Toy)
~-~ Lucky ~-~
Mi lovely puppy LUCKY is just adorable he has a personality that is unique and sweet. He's huggable and lovable and really kind to anyone he sees. He's generous, extremely loyal, and sensitive. Lucky is just one of a kind there's no one like him. Thoughtful and gentle to others including dogs. Lucky is very sociable and not to mention playful. At times he can be crazy and run all over the house but he can also love you like never before. Lucky is just unexplainable i can't even describe him in words of how i feel about him. Not only is he my companion at home alone sometimes but he can also be my jogging buddy and sleeping pal. I love him he is simply beautiful and always happy. Lucky is SMART he knows many tricks like " bow down, sit, high 5, give me your paw, lie down, play dead, give me a kiss " and a whole lot more. Lucky has a curly brown fur coat he's only 1 year old and he's GREAT with kids. He is a big part of my life and i don't know what i'd do whithout him!
Katie Pastrana

Maxxie Dog Maxxie Dog
Shih Tzu
Maxxie Dog
maxie is the ruler of the house, has only been with us since may 2006 and feels like forever, truley apart of the family!
B. A. Daniel

Revelaire Legendary Tale Revelaire Legendary Tale
Australian Shepherd
Revelaire Legendary Tale
"Troy" is a 7 week old Aussie bred by Revelaire Kennels. Troy will be competing in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Conformation, Junior Handling and Herding! Troy has a lot of growing to do before he started competing! Watch for him in these rings!
Audrey C.

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