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Gisselle Gisselle
Shih Tzu
She's a lovely dog, very spoiled and loveable. She's our princess, we love her so much!!
Kelz Kelzy
Indonesia Indonesia

Pepper Pepper
Shih Tzu
This is Pepper at 4 months. She's a beaut. She's lovable and very playful. Pepper loves to go to the park and be spoiled. Pepper is our first child, so we kinda spoil her alot.
Christian Castillo
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Kali Kali
Shih Tzu
Kali is a 7 week old Shih Tzu that terrorizes the cat. But she is really a big baby when it boils down to it.
Tracey Chambers

Rocko Rocko Man Rocko Rocko Man
Shih Tzu
Rocko Rocko Man
Meet Rocko the new baby. We are having a blast with him. He is our first child together and we are trying to be good parents, but look at that face. Rocko rules the house!! Tracy likes to sing "Rocko Rocko man, he is gonna be a Rocko man" kinda scares me. Should be able to come up with something better then a really bad remake of a village people song, it may cause Rocko permanent mental damage.
Jim & Tracy H-K

Suzy Suzy
Shih Tzu
Not Forgotten
I've been surrounded by dogs ever since I was born. My parents owned a German Shepherd (Roly), then there was a Pointer (Karina) and an Irish Setter (Thommy), but the most precious dog I've ever had is SUZY. The most beautiful, kind and loving little Shih-Tzu in the world. Unfortunately, Suzy passed away last year, after 7 devoted years behind me. These lines are particularly dedicated to her, with all my love... I'll never forget you, Suzy!...
Liza Albert
Romania Romania

Pebbles Pebbles
Shih Tzu
This is Pebbles she is our 4 week old Shih-Tzu with a great temperament. She is spoiled rotten and given a lot of love and attention. Pebbles is full of energy she loves to play, eat and sleep. She also loves to pick at our 4yr old cat Smokey. We love her very much ;0).
Iris Danner
New York, USA New York, USA

Meeko Meeko
Shih Tzu
Meeko is a bundle of joy and has a spunky personality. He loves to play with his stuffed animal "LEO" who is 4 times his size. He also enjoys playtime with all if his fun toys.
G. F.
Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara, California

Bambi Bambi
Shih Tzu
This is my best friend Bambi she is 4 months old. Bambi is a joy to me and to my sister. He plays with us almost all the time. I don't know much about breeds but I think she is Shih Tzu because she looks like a lion to me.
Aiko DJ
China China

My beloved boy Coco My beloved boy Coco
Shih Tzu
My beloved boy Coco
Coco was 4 months from his 11th birthday when he crossed over the rainbow bridge on 2/19/04. He was a sweetheart who left behind many sweet memories. Although he's gone on to his next journey, he lives on in my heart.
Betty Hwang

Cinnamon Cinnamon
Shih Tzu
Cinnamon is a sweet natured 7 month old male Shih Tzu. He loves to play with his toys..especially his potato chip container..ha..and to go in the car with mommy. He goes to bed every night on his own (into his crate) when daddy tells him. He has brought much joy into our lives. An amazing and intelligent little creature. What a boy!!
S. B.
Canada Canada

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