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Sixto And Macaria (pic 2 of 2) Sixto And Macaria (pic 2 of 2)
French Bulldog
Sixto And Macaria (pic 2 of 2)
Sixto is from France and Macaria from Dallas, they both live in Mexico city. They are as all bulldogs are, very sweet and loving.
Fabyola García
Mexico Mexico

Sixto Sixto
French Bulldog
Sixto loves cheese...especialy goat cheese. In that way he's very french.
Fabyola García
Mexico Mexico

Prince Prince
French Bulldog
He's the best....loveable and playful, every great quality rolled into one...o ya, and he is sooooo adorable.
Kristen Miller
United States United States

Stella & Elam Stella & Elam
French Bulldog
Stella & Elam
Stella is about 2 now, has a money chewing history nabbing small change as a puppy. Now she shows an affinity for paper currency,...the larger the denomination the better it seems. She has a remarkable resemblance to the deceased oldtime western actor, Jack Elam.
Barbara Andrews
California, USA California, USA

Spartacus Spartacus
French Bulldog
Hi, my name is Spartacus, I love to play and eat treats. My favorite things to do are watching cartoons and fetching toys, I enjoy bellyrubs, torturing our guests, chewing plastic water bottles, and chasing squirrels in the park.
Eve E P

Leeza Leeza
French Bulldog
This is Leeza, she's 11 in this picture. She loves to chase small animals and go for long walks. She also has a brother named Ozzy, same breed. He's only 8.
Susanna F
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Kora Kora
French Bulldog
Hello, she's a very nice dog. Her name is Kora and she lives in Lithuania. In Lithuania these dogs are very popular. I love my dog. Isn't she pretty?
Qulverstuke V.
Lithuania Lithuania

Bossy Boots at Patchdown Bossy Boots at Patchdown
French Bulldog
Bossy Boots at Patchdown
Amy is 5 years now she has 4 rec cc,s a best bitch in breed / champ show best in show at midlands and northern counties breed show Nov 2004 and she rules the roost.
Lilian Poulson
British British

Tallulah Tallulah
French Bulldog
We have a English Mastiff, which is a big dog, but she and my French Bulldog are best friends.
Tatiana Loff

Alex Alex
French Bulldog
Alex is an adopted Frenchie. He loves to play and get his toys covered in Bull-Spit!
E. Hoffman
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

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