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Bingo Bingo
Mixed Breed
its a hound, runs at approx. speed of 50 km/hr, vry loyall and he is jst 16months old
Raj Sh
madhya pradesh, (india) madhya pradesh, (india)

Peppers (: Peppers (:
Mixed Breed
Peppers (:
She wus my presant for Valenties Day, i LOVE her. She's so Cute, Funny, Active & Friendly. Peppers / Princess : 11 Months <3
Azeelyn Sandoval
texas texas

Lucy Lucy
Mixed Breed
She was a stray someone put out of their car at a park and we took her in. I would like to know what breeds may be in her make-up.
Craig Mueller
USA. Missouri, Fenton USA. Missouri, Fenton

Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix) Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix)
Mixed Breed
Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix)
I got bolt when he is just 15 day's after that he will become a family member. so cute, naughty, very playfull, ... all love him so much.. love u bolt......
Gaurav Pawar
Malegaon Maharadhtra Malegaon Maharadhtra

Teddy2 Teddy2
Mixed Breed
We rescued our dog from Manchester Dogs Home at Xmas 2009 as replacement for our dearly departed Teddy1, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Despite many queries about the breed, we have as yet been unable to discover any dogs like our Teddy. Hairless, but for defined areas such as Tail, Legs, Head (but none from back though between the ears), chest - with a skirt/frill between the front legs. Manchester dogs home have been unable to put a possible breed name to our dog, commenting - it doesn't have any fur and it may or may not grow back!

We consider that this is such a definitive clear area, this area is meant to be hairless. But we would appreciate anyone with a view perhaps letting us know if they think differently and perhaps put a name to the breed/cross?
Alan Ak
Manchester Manchester

Bella Coco Chanel Bella Coco Chanel
Mixed Breed
Bella Coco Chanel
Our Bella is a four month old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd puppy that we adopted from a rescue organization here in Indiana, after our 13 year old was put down. She has brought such joy to our family although we are trying to get her to stop biting our hands and face, etc. She is slowly getting better. She is a lot of fun.
Maria Piccirilli
Indiana Indiana

Lacey Lacey
Mixed Breed
Our sweet little girl was rescued from the local pound, where they say that she is part Cocker Spaniel (we sure don't see it). Looking for ideas on what she may be... because of her size/shape we think that she is German Shepherd/Weiner dog! She is extremely intelligent and easy to train. Current weight at 2 1/2 years is 31 pounds. She loves (to eat) birds and bunnies, very muscular and an extremely fast runner. Had a black/pink tongue when a puppy... now mostly black. IDEAS?
Mike B

Our Goofball Our Goofball
Mixed Breed
Our Goofball
Coda is the joy in our lives. He is super hyper and will run 24/7. He loves people and enjoys everyone he meets. He hates cats and hamsters. His best friend is a bunny named Tigger. His favourite things in life include the SURF DOGS event, tennis balls, sticks, and people who will pet him, play with him and give him attention. He is the best dog ever!
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Liked Forever, Loved For Always Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Cooper was a great dog who was with us for 11 years. He loved everyone he met and was a great dog. He's greatly missed by our family and friends.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Jade Jade
Mixed Breed
She is a APBT/German Shepherd mix. She's sort of fearful but very affectionate. She was the runt and left her mother at 4 weeks so she had a rough start but she's matured into a beautiful dog.
Myra Jones
Georgia Georgia

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