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Pomy Pomy
He look very cute. His eyes look like grapes, he is very obideant.
Sethu Jayaraj
Meerut (UP) Meerut (UP)

Princee Princee
its is a one of our Family member that we always remember.. its a such beautiful dog that we do not forget it in our life time so the princee.. is one our our kind member in our family so we always love it
Mark. Mark.Kambli
Gadag in Karnataka Gadag in Karnataka

Tuffu Tuffu
he is very bad and he makes me happy, he loves, me very much
Tuffy Mistry
Gujarat Gujarat

Bellameja Xante (Bella) Bellameja Xante (Bella)
Bellameja Xante (Bella)
Love of my live. Is my everything and she love to give kisses. Only want to be hold and give love.
Jl Jl
Gauteng/Johannesburg Gauteng/Johannesburg

Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles
Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles
Well, here are our s for Halloween. As usual, took many pics to get the best shot. Still cannot get rid of the glow in the eyes, but I guess it is appropriate for Halloween. They are good sports as usual.
Robin A.
Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona

Cuddles Cuddles
Cuddles is an indoors gal. She will patiently wait at the back door to be let in, but she always has a smile on her face.
Robin A.
Arizona Arizona

Our Girls Our Girls
Our Girls
These are our girls. They enrich our lives on a daily basis. Do not like to pose for pics, but we always seem to get a good shot, usually after numerous tries. It is hard to get them all facing front. Takes a few tries.
Robin A.
Arizona Arizona

Tigrenn Tigrenn
He is a male and is very bad, but he always makes me happy.
Maria Cadeau
Glacis, Mahe Glacis, Mahe

Our Christmas Reindeer Our Christmas Reindeer
Our Christmas Reindeer
These are our girls. Every Christmas they pose for a picture for our Christmas card. This one only took about 150 trys. They are good sports.
Robin A.
Arizona, USA Arizona, USA

Little Miss Echo Little Miss Echo
Little Miss Echo
She came here 9 months ago from Rhode Island. She is a blue merle with tan and has a wonderful personality, even though she's a little bossy.
Carolyn Bragg

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