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Betty Betty
Shih Tzu
Betty is 8 months old. She likes all types of food. Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Celery and of course a bit of yogurt.
Marte W
Oregon, USA Oregon, USA

Molly Molly
Shih Tzu
she is nise, sweet, and loves any one and she good with othere dogs.
Gabby Willsson
Independence, USA Independence, USA

Kookiss Kookiss
Shih Tzu
Kookiss is a wonderful baby. She's always excited to see me. She loves to sit beside me and watch movies. She loves everyone, especially my mom who spoils her.
Pie Samonte
Paranaque City Paranaque City

Emma And Heidi Emma And Heidi
Shih Tzu
Emma And Heidi
Emma and Heidi have been therapy dogs but are now retired at age 12. They are loving girls who are friends to everyone they meet both human and fur-friends.
Sylvia Sandberg
Louisiana Louisiana

Oscar Oscar
Shih Tzu
oscar is a smart lovable little dog who can wrap me around his little paw! . He loves to play and roll about playing and best of all he loves to go for a walk! !
Lisa Lewis
england-south wales england-south wales

Sleepy Sleepy
Shih Tzu
sleepy is very cute. her name sleepy connects to her hobby because she always sleeps. sleepy is very kind you may ask her any favor for example you want to get something, just tell it to her. but point to hr where. my family and i really love her.
Geamelle Marie Hansen
helsinki helsinki

Coco Chanel Coco Chanel
Shih Tzu
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel, or Coco, is almost 6 years old. She is very active and extremely protective. Although she has some fears, she is very loving and adorable.
Georgeann H.
Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama

Bella Blu Bella Blu
Shih Tzu
Bella Blu
Bella is 3 months old and such a great puppy to have. She loves to play outside and run all over the house. She loves to dress up and show off her new puppy gear. We just love her so much.
Candis G. Boucher
Marrero, New Orleans Marrero, New Orleans

Chai Zander Williams Chai Zander Williams
Shih Tzu
Chai Zander Williams
Chai is a perfect Angel. He loves to play and he is so happy. He is the perfect addition to our family. We love him with all of our hearts. He is PERFECT in every way.
Vonn'e Williams
Dallas, TX Dallas, TX

Max Max
Shih Tzu
He came into my life when I was questioning a lot about myself. He sorted me out by loving me unconditionally. He's clever, hilarious, boisterous, cute, predictable, and absolutely gorgeous, lol. I just love my lil Max so much. Awwww isn't he lovely....
Laura Ob
Carlow Carlow

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