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Tara Tara
Len Will

Charlie Charlie
Mixed Breed
Charlie, 8yrs old Cavalier/ Maltese. Luvs Walkies, Smackcos and Swimming.
Perth WA Perth WA

Bella Bella
Mixed Breed
bella is a dog that ive had 4 2 years and she is very cuddly but not one to train
Courtney Reeves
ballarat,vic ballarat,vic

Tina Tina
Mixed Breed
Tina is such a delightful little X bred Chinese Crested 8 months old. she has only been in my life for 2 weeks and already has full control of the house hold.
Barry Vivian
QLD Australia QLD Australia

Sam Sam
Miniature Schnauzer
Not Forgotten
The old man has gone. We miss himm so much with his long white beard and his grey mustache. He loved his walks along the shore, loved eating, drinking and much more. Our lovely Schnauzer has run his race now a Lakeland terrier has taken his place.
Mark And Gill Ward
NSW Australia NSW Australia

Emmy Emmy
Lakeland Terrier
Emmy is 4 years old and we call her "the little terror". She has boundless energy and all her training goes out the window as soon as she see a ball thrown into the pool. She amuses herself and us for hours, by nudging the ball away, then jumping in and then finding the quickest route out so she can do it all again! We love her to bits
Gill Ward

Bella_Rocky Bella_Rocky
Mixed Breed
Bella and Rocky are brother and sister born on the 17th of Feb 2005..
Narelle Jayne
Victoria Victoria

Buddy, Jackie & Mate Buddy, Jackie & Mate
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Buddy, Jackie & Mate
Our 3 little Cavaliers are our little "heartbeats at our feet". They give us so much love and fun, we'd be lost without them. They play well together, and are very protective of each other, just our little furry bundles of love.
W. & H. Freeman
N.S.W. Australia N.S.W. Australia

Max Max
Golden Retriever
My dog Max is one year old. He is very protetive of his family, but if you are a stranger who is friends with the family, he will accept you. He is loving and always wants a scratch on the belly and he loves cuddles.
Leah Peace
Victoria Victoria

Ruby Ruby
German Shorthaired Pointer
She's the best puppy, loving, loyal, fun, full of life, gorgeous, obedient and energetic. We couldn't have asked for a better breed. We could recommend them to anyone :)
R and S Carragher
Australia Australia

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