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Jaz & Ozzi In Woods Jaz & Ozzi In Woods
Border Collie
Jaz & Ozzi In Woods
Jaz & Ozzi love going to the woods. It's the place they really enjoy the most. They are great boys and we love them so much.
Sue Purnell
Maidstone, Kent Maidstone, Kent

Lady Lady
English Cocker Spaniel
Not Forgotten
Lady was such a kind sweet gentle little dog and is greatly missed by all. God bless and sleep tight.
Teresa Hartnoll
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Teddy2 Teddy2
Mixed Breed
We rescued our dog from Manchester Dogs Home at Xmas 2009 as replacement for our dearly departed Teddy1, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Despite many queries about the breed, we have as yet been unable to discover any dogs like our Teddy. Hairless, but for defined areas such as Tail, Legs, Head (but none from back though between the ears), chest - with a skirt/frill between the front legs. Manchester dogs home have been unable to put a possible breed name to our dog, commenting - it doesn't have any fur and it may or may not grow back!

We consider that this is such a definitive clear area, this area is meant to be hairless. But we would appreciate anyone with a view perhaps letting us know if they think differently and perhaps put a name to the breed/cross?
Alan Ak
Manchester Manchester

Shiki and Kizzy Shiki and Kizzy
Shiki and Kizzy
These are my girls Shiki and Kizzy, they are half Sisters, i have had Akitas since i was 8, i love them so much i could not have another breed, they really brighten up my day when i get home from work and show so much love, this breed really do have big hearts with enough love to go around.
A Tidman

Jetsta Jetsta
Mixed Breed
Jet is now 4 years old. I had him at 5 weeks. the most playful dog I've ever met. All day long he'll go get his ball and drop it at your feet to play. He can't get enough of chasing balls and sticks and being chased by my other dog over the field. He loves tripe sticks, the smellier the treat the better. He has recently being diagnosed with epilepsy which is a total shock as all his life he's been so healthy. He's my soldier and I love my Jetty. x
Zoe Woolaway
Birmingham UK Birmingham UK

Saffron Tuli Saffron Tuli
Mixed Breed
Saffron Tuli
Saffy is 19month old, I'm not sure of her breed staff/pitt maybe, she loves her sleep, playing with her ball and being fussed over, she's lazy, loveable and so pertective of her mommy and her home, she enjoys getting her ears scratched and her tummy rubbed, she gets through bones in minutes and loves tripe and biscuits, she likes to be the boss and rules my other dog, she hates cats and searches under cars for them, I love my girlie x
Zoe Woolaway
Birmingham UK Birmingham UK

Zac Zac
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
he was my best friend for 12 years he suddenly died in 2009 ive now got another collie was name is zara she 1 year old now, shes a good girl but shel never be my boy x
Karon Robertson
uk uk

Ginger Ginger
Chow Chow
Ginger at 4 months old, and she is a fantastic Pup even at this age she is well behaved and a quick learner for training even though she can be stubborn at times
Adrian F
Surrey Surrey

Murphy Murphy
Murphy is small on the outside but has a massive heart inside. He is the best dog i ever had and loves to cuddle up in his bed by the fire
Maggie Thompson
sheffield sheffield

Daisy Daisy
Not Forgotten
Daisy is a lovable girl who is allways begging for walks. After a long day she will lie by the fireplace and fall into sleep. But when the doorbell rings she jumps up and barks her head off. We all love her.
Emily Landson
london london

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