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Tank Tank
Tank's a bit of a nutcase sometimes.
Erick S
San Diego, CA San Diego, CA

Lady Giselle Lady Giselle
Brussels Griffon
Lady Giselle
giselle os almost 5 months, she is our first toy breed, we are GSD owners! she is a delight!
Carolyn Clark
texas texas

Zara Zara
Mixed Breed
Zara is 1 year old Australian Shepherd mixed puppy. Zara is so loving and absolutely loves all people and all animals. Zara loves to be outside and just watch birds, she loves to go for walks, play with her toys and swim. Zara loves to follow her mom around everywhere!
Ann Dougherty
Michigan Michigan

Schatzie Schatzie
Miniature Schnauzer
Not Forgotten
This is a photo of my very much beloved little Miniature Schnauzer "Schatzie" :).. Schatzie is now up in doggie heaven and she was such a really beautiful, spirted, always loving and very intelligent little girl! :).. She could so many, many things! :)... She loved to howl and was quite a singer :) and she was really good at all kinds of tricks! :)... She was so lovable and her very favorite place to be was a nice, warm lap where she could be petted and pampered :)... I loved her so much and she was a wonderful girl! :)
Suzanne B
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Nellie Nellie
Nellie is such a fun dog. She has a real personality and makes us laugh a lot. She loves to be dressed up and is a real ham in front on a camera. She is 3 years old.
Pat Pkp
Arkansas, USA Arkansas, USA

Emma And Heidi Emma And Heidi
Shih Tzu
Emma And Heidi
Emma and Heidi have been therapy dogs but are now retired at age 12. They are loving girls who are friends to everyone they meet both human and fur-friends.
Sylvia Sandberg
Louisiana Louisiana

Stomper Stomper
Doberman Pinscher
Stomper is 2 years old and he thinks he is a human. One of his favorite things is to play with our kitten.
J Seavert

Sadie Sadie
Silky Terrier
Loving, sweet, stubborn, intellgant puppy. shes my baby (:
K. P.

Nali Nali
Siberian Husky
Nali & Zeus
Marlena Cullen Towle
North Carolina North Carolina

Nali Nali
Siberian Husky
Marlena Cullen Towle
North Carolina North Carolina

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