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Julie Julie
Mixed Breed
She is really funny and smary plus she poses for the camera
Jackie Musser
california california

Julie Musser Julie Musser
Mixed Breed
Julie Musser
She is funny and really smart
Brittany Musser
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Maggie Maggie
Mixed Breed
Maggie is a mixed breed of poodle and Chauwawa mix. She is so loving and adorable. Her best friend is our cat Kodiak. She loves to dig in the dirt and ride in the car.
Shannon Layne

Feyd (Pronounced Fade) Feyd (Pronounced Fade)
Mixed Breed
Feyd (Pronounced Fade)
Feyd is half Vizsla, half Labrador Retriever and a little bundle of energy. He loves to play fetch and dig at the beach. So smart he was housebroken at 7 weeks and can "come", "sit", "shake", "inside", "outside", at 11 weeks.
Lynna G

Meg Meg
Mixed Breed
Shes a little Cross breed lady who is loved very much! Shes a fantastic dog x
Hannah S
English English

Dalogdogg Dalogdogg
Mixed Breed
Dalog is a great dog, he can perform basic obedience and he can do tricks like play dead, crawl,catch,throw garbage. Hes very good in guarding of property and to the people who surround him.
Rufil Heyrosa
Philippines Philippines

Sully Sully
Mixed Breed
Sully is a 5yr old Basset Hound mix.He has a problem with licking your face and eating bubbles, but at least the bubbles freshen his breath up for when he licks you...He lives with our other dog too, an English Bulldog named Jake.Sully is a really sweet dog!
Ashley B.

Luna Luna
Mixed Breed
Luna is 4 months old and a chihuahua/chinese crested mix...She is the best dog I could have ever asked for- a pure sweetheart!
Brandy P.

Cassie Cassie
Mixed Breed
This is Cassie, our little Sheltie/Shih Tzu believe it or not! We see the Sheltie in her more, as she herds our cats around the house. She really is a little darling.
Wendy Jaenicke
British Columbie, Canada British Columbie, Canada

Toby Toby
Mixed Breed
Toby is a 20 lb Chihuahua mix who just turned 6 years old this June. He is a blessing from God!! Truly obedient, extremely loving and loves to be with someone at all times. He is playful and has the best demeanor! At times he thinks he is a big dog and tries to act like one. A great dog and friend!
Florida, USA Florida, USA

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