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*Midnight*(Middy) *Midnight*(Middy)
Labrador Retriever
He's so cute, he loves to high five, just say high five and he'll actually give you a high five. We love to race he totaly cheats by grabbing the leash.
Caitriona Giles
Canada Canada

Klein (In German, means 'small') Klein (In German, means 'small')
Miniature Pinscher
Klein (In German, means 'small')
Klein is almost 18 months old now, full of energy, funny and so so cute! Unfortunately, he isn't very photogenic, which is a shame because it would be nice to capture some of the adorable expressions he makes! He gets all the attention everywhere he goes, and he loves it! I must admit he is a barker, but the citronella coller works wonders with him. Klein is my baby, my precious treasure!
Nadine C.
Canada Canada

Birdie Birdie
Mixed Breed
Birdie is almost 4 years old and is an SPCA special. We got her when she was already 8 months old and house-trained. She was easy to train, but still scared of stairs and vehicles. She's quiet except when playing. She is AWESOME with our two young children! She has allergies, but does real well with Acana dog food - human grade ingredients!!
Laryssa P
Canada Canada

Tienna Tienna
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Tienna is about 2 1/2 in the photo. She is the silliest dog we have ever owned. She loves to play ball and frisbee play the duck and run game... She "smiles" and sneezes like crazy when she is nervous or excited. She loves Acana dog food - human grade ingredients!
Laryssa P
Canada Canada

Mack...AKA Mack Attack! Mack...AKA Mack Attack!
Labrador Retriever
Mack...AKA Mack Attack!
Mack is a typical Chocolate Lab. Stubborn! Very smart, yet has selective hearing when he wants. He and our other Black lab Diesel play for hours together. Mind you, you only have to say who wants DINNER once......
Vickie Cosgrove
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Diesel Diesel
Labrador Retriever
Diesel is a very easy going lab who loves to play catch with anything you throw to him. He is very obedient and is eager to please. He knows many commmands and loves to cuddle. We even went out and bought a king size bed so he would have room on the bed too.
Vickie Cosgrove
Ontario Ontario

Casey Casey
English Cocker Spaniel
Casey is 5 years old and loves to play, run in the snow, go through the woods and go for walks. He is a very big suck and loves to snuggle and be on your lap! He is a very friendly and affectionate dog.
Yvette T.
Canada Canada

Brina Brina
Mixed Breed
Brina is an 11 month old Lab/Shepherd mix that was headed for the pound with the rest of her litter of 8, she's so gentle with my daycare....black dogs are the last adopted, adopt a black!!! You won't be sorry.
Shelley B
Canada Canada

Sadie Sadie
Mixed Breed
My dog Sadie is very calm and is a very good dog. She loves to play catch and loves to go for nice long runs in the forest. She loves her Kibbles and Bits! Her favorite game is Tug-A-War and she always wins because of her big strong teeth! She loves Ice fishing and going on the pantoon at the lake. She also loves to jump high. (She gets the jumping from her German Shepherd.) Well overall, she is a very good and nice dog.
Hannah M.M
Alberta Alberta

Pugsley - baby picture Pugsley - baby picture
Pugsley - baby picture
I recently purchased a darling little Pug, he has filled a void in my life. My days are pugful now, with him by my side.
Andrea Myers
Nunavut, Canada Nunavut, Canada

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