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Lutters Dukes Lutters Dukes
American Staffordshire Terrier
Lutters Dukes
Lutters rules the neighbour, he's the King of all dogs and knows it! His good looks and excellent temperament catches everyone's heart. He loves hanging with me, going for walks, driving around in our Jeep and stopping off at Wendy's for a junior burger.
Canada Canada

Putzy Putzy
West Highland White Terrier
This is my lil guy Putzy. He's 2 1/2 yrs old and an absolute joy to have. He's my second Westie (miss ya buttons). I've had them since I was 4 yrs old... I can't even describe the amount of joy I have had when I'm around my Westies. Both were/are very loyal, lovin and is the bestest friend a person could have. I love him to death, especially when he gives me the puppy eyes cause he wants to cuddle on the couch. I can't imagine not having them growing up:)
Val B
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Buddy Buddy
American Staffordshire Terrier
Buddy is the biggest part of my life, he is by far the smartest dog I know and very loyal. I have 3 Siamese cats that he loves hanging out with and they all sleep together. He loves going to Wendy's for a burger and swims like a fish, he's the community dog and always has to be the leader! He enjoys wearing his leather jacket on cold days and thinks he's all that... actually he is! Buddy can also tell time, every night around 6:45 he knows its time for his walk with 1 of his many girlfriends, all the dogs love him, he's kind of like the class clown! Milk bones are his favorite, thats what I should have named him! He's the best dog I have ever owned and recommend Staffordshires highly!
Canada Canada

Wilbur Wilbur
Mixed Breed
Wilbur is by far the most entertaining dog I have known. He is a one year old Bulldog with 1/8 Boxer (so he is rather tall for his breed). Wilbur will quite happily destroy any toy you offer and loves to be chased. One of his favorite games is to play tug. He has nearly torn my shoulder out of it's socket shaking my arm! He is noisy, smelly and a giant bed hog, but I wouldn't have him any other way! One look into that adorable face and you can never be angry with him!
Anna Henderson
Canada Canada

Neumie Neumie
German Shorthaired Pointer
He's a dream dog.. enough said.
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

River River
This grey monster has taken ahold of my heart tenfold. I'm a dog lover but River is something else, all you Weim owners know what I'm talking about. He's my pride and joy, my only wish is that he'd be with me forever and ever! He's truly my best friend and I love him to death....the spoiled rotten brat!
M. Klopick
Canada Canada

Cricket Cricket
Poodle (Miniature)
Cute, smart, loves agility, non shedding, and very active!
C Weston
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Bubba Bubba
Mixed Breed
Bubba's a 10 year old Black Lab/German Shepherd mix. He loves the water and even though he's a mature doggie, he's still got a lot of puppy left in him.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Junior Junior
At the moment Junior is about 3months old. He's a wopping 4.6 lbs ALREADY! He sure does not look like it though. He's an extremely wild puppy and does not stop for anything except maybe a treat. Other than that he's a good little puppy. His whole name is Timothy Junior.
Samantha P.
Canada Canada

Vicki Vicki
Labrador Retriever
Vicki was born in April of 2000. We got her on Victoria day. That is where the name came from. What a wonderful dog. She can do so many tricks. Vicki loves to get her picture taken.
Halifax, Canada Halifax, Canada

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