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Zoe Rose Zoe Rose
Mixed Breed
Zoe Rose
Zoe has been the light of our lives since she came to live with us when she was just 8 weeks old. She's sweet, fun loving, and absolutely loves everyone she meets. She is a 1st generation Cockapoo.
Mgw Mgw
Usa Usa

Barkely Barkely
Mixed Breed
There's just not enough space to write all about the most awesome dog...He is a cocker spaniel afghan mix.
Audrey Vanderlinden
South Carolina, Usa South Carolina, Usa

Spencer Spencer
Mixed Breed
Spencer was rescued at the age of 5 months from a local rescue agency. He is now 3 years old. He's a wonderful dog with tons of spirit and energy. He loves people and can't give enough kisses! His nickname is lick-lick because that is all he does when people come to visit.
Cheri W
New York, Usa New York, Usa

Sheena Marie Sheena Marie
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Sheena Marie
she loved the snow and loved making snowmen..she was mommys lil metal head and loved listening to guns and roses, slayer and Hank willams the most..loved long car rides and just being near you!! loved deer meat and good ol' southern cooking!
Misty D. Vengeance
Usa Usa

Ruby Ruby
Mixed Breed
Our darling Ruby! 14 years of loyal service with eyes of the devil and the heart of an ABSOLUTE ANGEL! She honestly wouldn't hurt another human being... would lick you to... but she's not too friendly with other dogs except for Pugs! Haha... we have two other Pugs that she gets along famously with. One of them is Man-choo whose picture is also posted here. Now here is a beloved dog that has always kept us safe and is truely our best friend! She will be turning 15 on March the 24th and she still acts like a 2 year old bless her! :):)
Lisanne Tay
Australia Australia

Rascle Bojangles Rascle Bojangles
Mixed Breed
Rascle Bojangles
I adpoted him in june 2006. he was only 4-6 months old. i got him at the animal resuce league of iowa. he is so sweet, and is very obediant. i love him.
Lisa Davis
Usa Usa

Dakota Dakota
Mixed Breed
Dakota is a 6mo. old lab/boxer mix.He is so fun and full of life.We already had 3 Boxers when we found Dakota who was 6 weeks old at the time and on his way to the pound the next day and I just could not bear the thought,so we brought him home and he thinks my 15 year old son is his brother(he is)and he is a great addition to our family.
Zina Kennedy
Tennessee,Usa Tennessee,Usa

Nova Nova
Mixed Breed
He is a really special dog and very smart it doesnt take long for him to learn new things. He is loved by all kids that come around him. He loves all kids and will protect them.
Usa Usa

My Beloved Pets My Beloved Pets
Mixed Breed
My Beloved Pets
Cherry is my gorgeous and precious baby
Sl V
Bulgaria Bulgaria

Miss Nala And Mr Chico Miss Nala And Mr Chico
Mixed Breed
Miss Nala And Mr Chico
Chico and Nala are of the same litter.They love to do everything together.Chico never eats until Nala is all done eating.Nala alwya lets Chico go outside first.Before they go to sleep the always give eachother a kiss.
Annastasia V
Nevada,Usa Nevada,Usa

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