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Eddie Eddie
Mixed Breed
My dog is awesome! He is the cutest thing ever! He is a Beagle mixed with a Boxer. So he has that cute Beagle face with a big Boxer body. He is 5 years old and he is still energetic as he was as a puppy! He is my prince!
Patricia P.S
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Cooper Cooper
Toy Fox Terrier
He is the most adorable little boy, very smart little guy!! Everyone who meets him falls in love.
Lee Ann Fisher
Canada Canada

Rocky Rocky
Rocky is a spunky 2 year old puglet. He loves to 4x4 on his walks with his bright yellow tennis ball stuffed in his mouth. He is currently learning how to swim.
Emily N
BC, Canada BC, Canada

Bosco & Chester Bosco & Chester
Labrador Retriever
Bosco & Chester
This was taken Christmas Eve after Santa came. Aren't they cute? They are both 2 years old now. Bosco (the white one) being older by 6 months. They are cousins from the same breeder. Times are getting easier with them, but boy do they have tons of fun together. I love them so much!
Kari Calver
Canada Canada

Merris Merris
Miniature Schnauzer
"I'm not quite convinced that giving in to your demands is worth this nummy Sid... "
Terry B.
Switzerland and Canada Switzerland and Canada

Sady Sady
Labrador Retriever
Sady is a sweet and kind girl. I love her to death.
Kori Henri
Canada Canada

Rio Rio
Miniature Schnauzer
Rio is my first pet and unfortunately has become a complete "daddy's girl", rather than a "mommy's girl". Her intelligence, obedience and complete and total desire to please us has made her our best friend. I never imagined I would love a pet as much as I've come to love Rio.
Suzanne Maxim
Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada

Diesel Diesel
This is my baby boy Diesel he's 3 months old, and he already weighs 42 lbs! Diesel is very hard to say no to. He is spoiled rotten but just look at him, could you say No? He's picture perfect!
Jennifer Montgomery
Canada Canada

Pooh-Pooh Pooh-Pooh
Pooh-pooh is the cutest thing in the world and she's my baby! Soooooo spoiled...
Helen Cai
Canada Canada

Jack Jack
Jack Russell Terrier
This is Jack. I got him when he was 8 weeks old, I've had him for 2 yrs now. He makes me look like a good trainer with his brilliance. There are days I wouldn't get through without him, it's just the two of us you see, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love him, and I spoil him, and in return he gives me many kisses and cuddles.
C Simo
Canada Canada

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