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Baci and Snoop Dog Baci and Snoop Dog
Tibetan Spaniel
Baci and Snoop Dog
when baci isn't running and playing, he loves to soak up the rays from the sun while snoop dog is sleeping on the bed. both bring great joy to us. snoop is the "social butterfly" at the dog park, while baci is checking every corner of it out.
Jacki J
Oregon, USA Oregon, USA

Myah Myah
Mixed Breed
Myah was adopted through a Foster Mom of the Arizona Humane Society. She is a bundle of joy who is completely a Momma's girl. She is a mix breed and we think she's Australian Shepherd and Heeler. Whatever the case may be, she's living the good life now!
Lindsay G
Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ

Rascal Rascal
Shetland Sheepdog
he is very very smart!
Mj Jenkins
usa o-town usa o-town

Stewie Stewie
he is a sweet and loveable dog. he is only 9. he is very smart. i loves sitting on your lap and sleep under the covers all night.
Jennifer Hatfield
pa pa

Miley Miley
This is our little angel Miley Duke Williams. She is teething and she chews on hair bows, hair clips, anad pretty much everything thats not her toy. She has alot of energey but she will nock out when you wrap her up in a blanket. She is scared to death of the vacume cleaner so when we turn it on she runs over to the cat and curls up behind him.
Hannah Williams
North Carolina,USA North Carolina,USA

Carter And Armani Carter And Armani
Yorkshire Terrier
Carter And Armani
Carter is a friendly dog who loves taking pictures. Armani is new but he follows everything carter does! They do not ever leave my side
Alyssa Costanzo
Omaha, Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska

Bunny Bunny
The Buns is a ray of sunshine in my life! Even at 8 weeks old, she knew she was something special!
Anna Bentley
Indiana USA Indiana USA

Kharma Kharma
Gordon Setter
Kharma is my Gordon Setter who is a wild child with a heart of gold! No one plays like Kharma!
Anna Bentley
Indiana USA Indiana USA

Nick Nick
Gordon Setter
Nick is a Gordon Setter with the sweetest disposition in the world! He is my baby, my best friend, my guardian.
Anna Bentley
Indiana USA Indiana USA

Sabrina Sabrina
I got Sabrina almost 2 years ago. She came from the Denver DFL. Although she was quite difficult at first she has become the smartest most loving funny dog I have ever seen. She is my first schipperke but I doubt she will be my last. Susan&Sabrina
Susan Parish

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