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Bubbles And Precious Bubbles And Precious
Shih Tzu
Bubbles And Precious
Bubbles is 5 years old ( the smaller one) and precious is two.
Kes Mc
Nassau Nassau

Love-Love Love-Love
Shih Tzu
she is sweet and loving dog.....
Ma. Louela Banogon
Philippines Philippines

Fergie Fergie
Shih Tzu
After adopting Fergie from the local Animal Shelter we had her spayed. After the procedure she hated the "cone collar" she came home in; so I put a little T shirt on her instead to keep her from "worrying" about her stitches. She kept it on, no problem, and did not bother her wound. She also likes to put on her sweater to go out for a walk when it's cold out. She is very large size for a Shih tzu; she is about the size of a beagle.
WJ Reber
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Mitsou Mitsou
Shih Tzu
Beautiful girl that is very loved. So smart and protective of us.
Brian D
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Charlie Charlie
Shih Tzu
This is my Dog Charlie. He has a way of making anyone fall in love with him, even my mom! :) Love him soo much!

Mocha Mocha
Shih Tzu
mocha is very friendly, nonaggressive dog, good companion. Shih-tzus are known for their fun loving play, romping around the house and also people oriented dog.
Liz De Silva
Manila Manila

Mocha Mocha
Shih Tzu
playful and sweet! ;-)
Liz Zile
manila,philippines manila,philippines

Wasabi Wasabi
Shih Tzu
She is 9 weeks old. She loves the beach. We took her last weekend 11/01/09 to Kata Beach in et. She also loves all other dogs!
Barry Johnston
Thailand Thailand

Goldy!!!! Goldy!!!!
Shih Tzu
Goldy has been part of my life for 7 years now. She is now 7 and is crossed with a malteese ( dog ). she luvs chasing birds and luvs the tramp i ily her. ily goldy xox from ur muched luved owner KELLY!
Kelly El
w.a w.a

King Solomon King Solomon
Shih Tzu
King Solomon
King Solomon, or Solly Wolly as we prefer, is 2 years old. He is smart, loving, and a loyal member of the family.
Missouri Missouri

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