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Cutie Cutie
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
cutie was a very loving dog, very protective to us, and loves to sleep in our bed............. we miss you cute
Philippines Philippines

Kirby Kirby
Bearded Collie
Kirby is very affectionate though he is a puppy. He loves to sleep and rest in our bathroom during the daytime.
Taguig City Taguig City

Mocha Mocha
Shih Tzu
mocha is very friendly, nonaggressive dog, good companion. Shih-tzus are known for their fun loving play, romping around the house and also people oriented dog.
Liz De Silva
Manila Manila

Mocha Mocha
Shih Tzu
playful and sweet! ;-)
Liz Zile
manila,philippines manila,philippines

Dash Dash
Mixed Breed
Our dog is very active and smart
Bam Lumen
Cavite City Cavite City

Kobi Kobi
Doberman Pinscher
Not Forgotten
I love my dog very much! I will not forget him.. He used to be our protector always. Kobi, wherever you are right now, we miss you so much! We love you very much!
Ariel Carillo
Tayabas City Tayabas City

Chacha Chacha
Labrador Retriever
Naughty but sweet, lovable and responsible.
Jeanette Cababan
Batangas Philippines Batangas Philippines

Sarge Sarge
Belgian Malinois
Though only five months old Sarge is a fast learner he will be trained for search and rescue operations
Bong So
Pampanga,Phils. Pampanga,Phils.

Sasha Sasha
Shih Tzu
Sasha is a 6 month old pup.. she is sweet and lovable and loves to bark whenever she is alone.. she always likes to be playing with us.. she is truly an adorable girl!
Milany Luay
Cavite,Philippines Cavite,Philippines

Chow-Chow Chow-Chow
Chow Chow
she is very lazy, usually sleeps all day. However, she is sweet. She lives being with people and hates to be alone.
Apple De Belen
Philippines Philippines

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