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Sammie Sammie
Miniature Schnauzer
Not Forgotten
A true best friend, happy little guy who was always ready for a car ride and cookie when we got back home. I MISS YOU!!!
Ron Klym
Canada Canada

Damien Damien
Damien is 9 years old. He's a loving companion. Sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. He has never bitten anybody. Very docile. He has his own "bed" in front of the TV made of a comforter and a pillow. He has an acre and a half of roaming space in our backyard. He is overweight because of too many scraps! But he is very healthy. Damien is my special man!
Katie G
Canada Canada

Samantha Samantha
Labrador Retriever
This is my Baby..Samantha!!!(3 Years) She is just a pleasure to see when we return home everyday. She loves going for rides in the car and truck and she loves running free in the bush...as all Retrievers do.
Tanya H
Canada Canada

Harley Harley
Mixed Breed
This is the cutest dog I have ever seen. Harley is a Chihuahua Terrier mix.
Lisa Mills
Canada Canada

Annie Annie
West Highland White Terrier
My name is Annie. I love long walks, treats and lots of affection.
Tracey C
Canada Canada

Disney Disney
Disney is a wonderful companion to have around. He's a great guard dog, loves to play with children and he bring alot of attention when we're out walking. But best of all he's a great friend to have around, and I love him.
Natalie and Patrick Locke
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Maggie Maggie
Labrador Retriever
She is a 12 year old sweetheart. She will bring you things that you don't even need.
P Brunton
Quebec Quebec

Ch. Crestars Xzuberance HL Ch. Crestars Xzuberance HL
Chinese Crested Dog
Ch. Crestars Xzuberance HL
Call name Zubee lives up to her name Xzuberance, she never walks anywhere and loves agility. To be bred this January.
Gayle Myers
Canada Canada

Kanye Kanye
German Shepherd Dog
He's my life and love..he's 7 months old..and he doesn't let any one in my home..lol
Kristie Carter
Canada Canada

Kanye Currie Kanye Currie
German Shepherd Dog
Kanye Currie
He's our love and life..he love's to not let people in our home..lol
Kanye Currie
Canada Canada

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