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Rascal Rascal
Mixed Breed
Rascal is a 13 year old Australian Shephard/ Shetland Sheepdog mix. I got him from the Bellevue Humane Society twelve years ago. He is a great friend and wonderful companion. I love him to death. He has asthma, arthritis, and hearing loss, but he is content to just lay around and sleep. when he was younger, he was ery eergetic, he loved to lick everybody and everything. he loves tennis balls, and treats, lots of treats.
Christine D.
Usa Usa

Harley Harley
Mixed Breed
Harley is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. She always makes me laugh and I can't imagine life without her.
M. Bauer
Florida, Usa Florida, Usa

Lucy Lucy
Mixed Breed
She is 5 months old. She loves watching the birds outside eat on the bird feeder. She drinks from the bird bath too.She beats up my poor dog Scrappy who does not have a bi mane anymore because Lucy kept bitting it. She loves to chew on hoofs. Sometimes, she perfers the tag on a toy and not the toy. she IS a shoe chewer. she chewed up my sister's flip flop and I have a feeling she is going for my sneaker next.
Carli Acosta
Usa Usa

Farley Farley
Mixed Breed
Farley is a 7 month old german shepherd/collie cross.
Amy O
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Tia Tia
Mixed Breed
She is shy but very playful! She is only 12 weeks old.
Paige Mcfadyen
Canada Canada

Teddy Teddy
Mixed Breed
He is mixed. he knows a lot of tricks.
Carli Acosta
Usa Usa

Mr. Mugzey Malone Mr. Mugzey Malone
Mixed Breed
Mr. Mugzey Malone
Mugzey Malone is a puggle. He is very curious, loves to chew, and the most unique thing is his under bite. Most people think he has something in his mouth, but it really is his teeth. He is very proud and would never consider braces! :)
Karissa Grove
Usa Usa

Sweetie Sweetie
Mixed Breed
Age:8 Gender:Female Weight:86.3 lbs. Comments: Sweetie is a blacklab/cockerspanial mix who is energetic and friendly, but she tends to roll in dead stuff ALOT and chase little chipmunks.
Usa Usa

Mia Mia
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
She was a very needy dog, who had to be close always....
P Millsap
Ca, Usa Ca, Usa

cash cash
Mixed Breed
cash is a puggle. half beagle half pug. hes the best thing that could have ever happened to me. hes got a great love for people and is sooo smart.
mick whalen
united states united states

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