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Zeta Zeta
Saint Bernard
Here is an updated photo of Zeta on the mountain. She is 4 years old and a lovely big chunky with a really happy personality. A much loved member of my Saint Bernard family.
Julie Miles
Wales, UK Wales, UK

Heidi Heidi
Saint Bernard
Here is an updated photo of Heidi. She will be six years old next month and thoroughly enjoys life despite her disabilities. Seen here on her mountain walk. She is the Matriarch of my St.Bernard family and is a Saint by name and by nature.
Julie Miles
Wales, UK Wales, UK

Luke Luke
Saint Bernard
Luke is the latest addition to my St.Bernard family. He weighed under five kilo on arrival at seven weeks. He is now 17 weeks and weighs 28 kilo. He has slotted in with our family really well and thoroughly enjoys his country home and Saint Bernard friends!
Julie Miles
Wales, UK Wales, UK

Sam, Clarys and Buffy Sam, Clarys and Buffy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Sam, Clarys and Buffy
They are joyous little dogs - the only breed that still does what it was originally bred for - keeping laps warm!
Jennie T

Alan Alan
Mixed Breed
This is Alan. I am not sure what breed he is. He is 9 months old. I am his 3rd owner and I will be his 3rd owner till he dies. He is a little scared at the moment, he sleeps with me. He loves my other dog Archie. His previous owner didn't train him well, so I'm still training him.
Vikki M
England England

Bo Bo
We bred our dog and this is the only puppy she had. She's so cute, we couldn't part with her.
Ashleigh T
England England

Juno Juno
Great Dane
Hi this is Juno she is a blue and white harlie, now 10 months old she is such a sweet heart.
Susan Matthews
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Molly Magill Molly Magill
English Cocker Spaniel
Molly Magill
Molly Magill is 13 months old and has so much energy and life. She is very kind and gentle to our three kids, espsecially Luke who has cerebral palsy.
Molly Magil
England England

Molly Molly
This is Molly. She is 9 months old and is full of beans all the time.
United Kindgom United Kindgom

Valuiki Baldy (Anya) Valuiki Baldy (Anya)
Siberian Husky
Valuiki Baldy (Anya)
Anya is My foundation bitch. She is currently 6 and we are awaiting her first litter of puppies :-).
Krista Madden
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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