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Jasper Jasper
Mixed Breed
This is Jasper. She's a mix of GSD, Border Collie & Sheltie and is 11 months old. Her name signifies longevity, protection, and healing. I met her at the local pound - fell in love with her the second I saw her. Poor thing was curled up in the back of her cage, quietly watching her cage being passed by other people....but was VERY excited when I stopped and whistled to her. She proved that love at first sight really does exist. My sweet Jazzy definitley shows off the Border in her, with her unmatchable intellingence, high energy, and her quirk of trying to herd the other pets around the house. Unfortunately for her, herding my horse is a bore, since he either ignores, or herds HER the heck out of his pen. She's always eager to learn something new, and catches on very quickly. In love with water, she makes it a POINT to bomb through every puddle while biking, making the both of us muddy. Jasper has become my loyal and devoted biking partner, my loving baby, and my life-long best friend - Stole my heart from the second I met her.
Kay Nette
Canada Canada

Bugsy Bugsy
Mixed Breed
Bugsy is an American Eskimo cross Pug with alot of energy. He is a sweet boy and adores children and all people!
Kelly Critch
Canada Canada

Sparky Sparky
Boston Terrier
World's next top soccer player.
Stacia Tis
Canada Canada

Milo Milo
Shih Tzu
Milo is an active, loving little ball of fur who enjoys going for walks and playing with his toys. He loves to go for rides in the car and he is just a joy to have in my life:)
Heather Parsons
Canada Canada

Brindell Brindell
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Today we saw her for the first time, oh what a beauty, we just had to have her. So now she is all ours.
Linda McIntyre
Canada Canada

Shanae Shanae
Labrador Retriever
She is a good dog.
Shantell Elliott
B.C. B.C.

Roxie Roxie
Mixed Breed
Roxie is 2 years old and is a typical female, she knows what she wants..when she wants. When she is not digging holes she's in the water. She is the one of the best things to come into my life!
Vicky McB
Canada Canada

Chopper Chopper
This is our little bundle of joy. He is a 2 month old wolf sable prince. He is very active and is already a lover of fetch. He loves car rides and is always greeted by people during our daily walks. Barks very little but when he does he sure needs to be sure he is heard.
Cindy Buors
Manitoba, Canada Manitoba, Canada

Hunter Hunter
Hunter is 4 yrs old and loves to float on his little "surf" board and go for tours on the pontoon boat at the lake. He is always ready to pose for the camera.
Mellissa Simpson
Canada Canada

Lily Lily
At the time we got Lily she was 3 yrs old, malnourished and abused. We are happy to say that 4 years later she is living the good life and having a relaxing day on the beach at the cottage.
Mellissa Simpson
Canada Canada

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