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Bosco and Chester Bosco and Chester
Labrador Retriever
Bosco and Chester
Bosco (yellow) and Chester (black) come from the same breeder and totally love each other. They are about 6 months apart in age, both under 2 years. They play rough, run hard and at the end of the day they snuggle together. Our 3 year old daughter just adores them. I could not imagine our lives without them. So much energy and fun. We love our labs! The Calver Family, Canada.
Kari Calver
Canada Canada

Eddie Eddie
Yorkshire Terrier
Eddie is a sweet and lovable little dog even though he has "little dog syndrome" and thinks he is the boss of everyone - including his Rhodesian Ridgeback sister who is 10x bigger than him! Eddie loves to go for walks and Jeep rides and visits to "grandma and grandpa's" house!
Shawna Bartoshewski
Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada

Sasha Sasha
Mixed Breed
Sasha is a 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament - she puts up with her bossy Yorkie brother very well! Her favorite things to do are eat and sleep and when she sleeps she must be on a very soft, comfy surface and she loves to be under the covers!
Shawna Bartoshewski
Saskatoon, Canada Saskatoon, Canada

Ben Ben
Mixed Breed
We found our dog Ben in the Bargain Finder when he was nearly 10 months old and he quickly became a special member in our family. He has brought joy to everyone he meets. He is an American Eskimo X Poodle (eski-poo). A gentle, quiet, sweet-natured, and calm dog, he can perk up and run 10K when you go for a run, or he can be very playful and fun when you want him to be. He was a regular visitor to the palliative unit when my dad was dying of cancer, and brightened the day for the patients, as well as their families. The staff adored him, too. He is irreplaceable and we love him to bits.
Bonnie H
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Rocky Rocky
Beautiful pooch with 3 points from dog shows and lots of love!
Ashley Blowers
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Hamish Hamish
A handsome boy with 7 points from dog shows, lots of brains and very friendly!
Ashley Blowers
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Hamish's brother S'more Hamish's brother S'more
Hamish's brother S'more
He is very very cute and I know that anyone could love him!
Karen Fairbaren
Canada Canada

Boots Boots
Mixed Breed
Boots' mother is a Chinese Pug and her father, a Border Collie. She is a wonderful, friendly, dog that loves to go for walks and play ball. We love her lots!
Prince Edward Island, Canada Prince Edward Island, Canada

Pennie Pennie
Poodle (Miniature)
My Dog is my best friend and has been for the past 4 years! I'd die for her, that's how special she is! I Love Pennie!
Monika Peczko
Canada Canada

Cassie Cassie
American Staffordshire Terrier
Cassie is the most amazing dog!
Jennifer Jones
Canada Canada

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