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Maya Maya
Mixed Breed
Here is a picture of Maya at 6 months with a broken leg. It took a long time for her to heal, but she is pretty much fully recovered now. She's a big sweetie who loves to play stick!
S. H.
Canada Canada

Maddie Maddie
Mixed Breed
Our little Lady Madison aka "Maddie" is a cute pekingese/poodle mix who just turned one in July. She is a feisty 7-pound fireball of a pup who will go non-stop all day if you let her! She bosses our toy poodle Tai and takes rawhides, Kongs, and treats from him and shows him no sympathy! But she has a big heart and loves to give kisses!
Toni D
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Blacky Blacky
Mixed Breed
Blacky is 5 years old. He simply loves playing with his toys, but above all he enjoys running away, and wandering through the streets of the city of Novi Sad. He has many friends and girlfriends on the streets. Everybody in the neighbourhood knows about Blacky. He is the liveliest dog I have ever ever met. And I think that he is love with Mica (Sonja Ratkovic) from Novi Sad. He is extremely fast, some people when we take him out for a walk think that he is cloned!!!! You see him everywhere. An extremely happy dog without whom our lives would be different.
Dajana Mosorinac
Serbia Serbia

Rozi Rozi
Mixed Breed
Rozi is 4 years old westhighland terrier mix. She likes games with ball. She is in a good humour permanently. She is a very kind friend.
Martina P
Slovakia Slovakia

Abigail & Melissa Abigail & Melissa
Mixed Breed
Abigail & Melissa
Abigail is a 4yr old Staffordshire cross. She is sweet, affectionate, loves to give kisses. Melissa is a 3yr old Norwegian Elkhound cross. She's very serious and very sneaky.
Canada Canada

Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy' Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy'
Mixed Breed
Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy'
Maisy is a Pomeranian/Pembrooke Corgi mix. She is playful and wild and she sure loves her toys!!! She is the love of my life!!!!
United States of America United States of America

paddy and beth paddy and beth
Mixed Breed
paddy and beth
my dogs are fun and naughty they are well behaved and very cuddly
amz marshall
uk uk

Mixed Breed
He is from spain and he's such an intelligent dog. he is 1 year old. he is lovely and feel my life.
Paula Penzo
Argentina Argentina

Tweak Tweak
Mixed Breed
My dog is called super dog because she is kind to anything around except bunnies. Her mom's name is Fraya. She was a Chocolate Lab. Although her dad's breed is unknown.
Miranda Van Atta
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Pepper-Jack Pepper-Jack
Mixed Breed
My son found Pepper-Jack on 6-6-06. We decided he's a keeper A month of at home care Good food LOVE and home remedies for Mange, he's Cured! He's about 4mos now and doing awesome! Pepper-Jacks a Lab-Mix maybe Lab/pit. Hes an added treat to our Family and for his 4 legged brother Moe he's 4yrs, he's such a Team player. We love him so much! you're our little Soldier Pepper-Jack...
Annmarie L
Ft Lauderdale USA Ft Lauderdale USA

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