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Meka and Dex Meka and Dex
Lhasa Apso
Meka and Dex
Meka and Dex are litter mates and are both 11 months old. They love to sleep together, eat together and walk together and they constantly fight with each other. They look out for each other even though territory gets between them.
Tanya Cormier
Canada Canada

Tai Tai
Mixed Breed
Tai is from Taiwan, we are still trying to figure out his breed combination - but he's happy to be in beautiful British Columbia!
Stacey Paget
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Whiskey Whiskey
Mixed Breed
German Shorthaired Pointer x Chocolate Lab. Can you see where she got her name?
Rob Miller
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Sheba Sheba
This is Sheba (nickname Bieber) 13 months old and our first Rottie after having many Dashies over the years, but she is like all the others a spoiled kid in the family. We love Sheba and hope to have her for many more years to come.
John Driessen
Canada Canada

Izabella (black) & Francesca (tan/black) Izabella (black) & Francesca (tan/black)
Mixed Breed
Izabella (black) & Francesca (tan/black)
My little girls are 3 month old Cocker Spaniel Pug crosses, full of energy and ready to go all the time! A different mix, but they seem to have the best of both breeds, no puppy smell and they love to cuddle on the couch!
M Mitton
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Angel Angel
Angel has been the family dog for almost a year now and after the year she'll have puppies!
Constance Parker
Canada Canada

Chelsey Chelsey
Mixed Breed
She is mostly a Shepherd mix. She was found on the side of the road with her siblings and mother. Now she is my cuddle bug!
Brandie Gareau
Canada Canada

Sadie Sadie
Mixed Breed
My dog Sadie is very wise, sensitive, intelligent and very affectionate. We have a younger pup called Sasha, and she is very hyper but Sadie is slowly teaching her to be calm. Sadie loves to run loose in the woods, play and tease.
Canada Canada

Sasha Sasha
Mixed Breed
Sasha is the best dog! She is cute and funny. I am a dog lover and when I am sad I can go hug her and she just makes me feel better. Oh how I love my Sasha!
Canada Canada

Quick Break Quick Break
Border Collie
Quick Break
Barley is our 6 month old puppy. He is an awesome dog. He loves all animals... humans, dogs, cats, ducks. He wants to play all day long, and especially loves to play with his best friend a 2 year old Black Lab. They wrestle for hours, and then take a quick power nap together. He will start herding very soon on our farm, which we hope will make him very happy (he already tries to herd us when we're running or riding our bikes!).
L. I.
Canada Canada

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